Thursday, December 31, 2015

UPDATE - Bild, Biggest Paper In Germany: Government Has Ordered Cover-Up Of Migrant Crime

From the Daily Mail:
German officials have ordered a cover-up of crimes committed by migrants to prevent causing alarm, a local newspaper has claimed. 
Asylum seekers are being recruited across the country as cheap drug dealers as well as petty thieves, says German newspaper, Bild – the biggest daily paper in the country. 
The paper accused the police of covering up the extent of migrant crimes in order to stop concerns among the general population. 
It also claimed asylum seekers were prepared to work for a few euros couriering drugs across the country and said they were being signed up almost as soon as they had registered as asylum seekers.


“I have heard from a reliable source that a police patrol was sent to the scene at Hennala after an outnumbered female police officer had been raped. The matter has not been made public in order to escape “a lynching mood”. Investigate it yourself, I can’t personally strew this around because I am closely involved with the police in a certain way, but among the police, this kind of incident can’t be allowed to be covered up.”

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Always On Watch said...

Western governments are corrupt beyond belief!