Wednesday, December 30, 2015

AP Poll: Americans Say Protecting Rights Of Christians More Important Than The Rights Of Muslims

From the Washington Examiner:
People in the U.S. say protecting the rights of Christians is more important than protecting the rights of Muslims, according to a new survey. 
A clear majority said it was extremely or very important for the United States to preserve religious freedom in general. 
But when it came to the rights of specific faiths, results diverged in a new AP/NORC poll released Wednesday. 
Eighty-two percent said it was important to protect the religious liberties of Christians, compared to 61 percent who said the same for Muslims. 
Roughly 70 percent said the same of Jews, while 67 percent said it was important to protect the religious rights of Mormons.
Personally, I think all human beings are created equal, and are deserving of equal treatment based upon the inborn human dignity they have in the sight of God who created them.

However, while we may have an endless supply of love, we do not have endless resources to help everyone on the planet.

And it is certainly a fool's errand to save people who will only turn around and attempt to kill you, the second they recover from their travails.

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