Wednesday, December 30, 2015

G. Willow Wilson kept up her apologia

I spotted some tweets by the disgraceful Muslim convert now writing propaganda at Marvel from a few weeks ago when the San Bernardino tragedy took place. Predictably, she tries to separate the issues by making it sound like it's 2 different belief systems here:

Unfortunately, the ideology she speaks of is still very much alive, and still practiced; the same one as she practices. All she's doing is parroting the same kind of narrative George W. Bush used, about Islam being "hijacked". And that kind of approach can be very misleading and undermining.

She even attacked the Republicans:

Oh, what's this? Moral relativism, I presume? She predictably ignores why any of their members want to keep these Muslim "migrants" out of the USA now: because of the Paris and San Bernardino bloodbaths. They're trying to act in the interests of the public's safety. Not that any of this matters to somebody as dishonest as Wilson is, unfortunately.

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