Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Why These High School Girls Don’t Want a Transgender Student in Their Locker Room

From the Daily Signal:
According to the Department of Education’s investigation, Student A began transitioning to a female in middle school. The student was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and currently receives an “ongoing course” of hormone therapy 
But some girls at the high school say Student A has not fully transitioned, which makes some of them uncomfortable sharing a locker room. 
“What bothers me is the fact that this student is still anatomically a male,” a 16-year-old sophomore told The Daily Signal on the condition of anonymity. 
“If the student had already undergone surgical procedures, this would be another story entirely, but as it stands I just don’t feel comfortable with it.”


LL said...

When I was a high school student, if I'd managed to scam myself into the cheer-leader's shower room, the other males would have WORSHIPED ME.

At the risk of sounding like a cynic, which I am, the tranny thing strikes me as a scam.

Pastorius said...

At the very least, it is a Gramscian scam.

I do not buy the idea that the ACLU crowd, gays, or even Transgendered people themselves, actually believe that we need to treat every mutant in the world absolutely the same.

I just don't buy it.

I think stuff like this is done to weaken Western society.

Anonymous said...

Why is this happening all of a sudden? Where were these people before? Are they just experimenting and if they do not like it they go back?

I do agree with Pastorius that people with very specific agendas are fueling this situation to weaken Western society. No doubt.