Monday, December 21, 2015

Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez suspended after anti-Muslim rant


From the New York Daily News:
There's nothing pretty about this beauty queen's comments. Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez has been suspended indefinitely from Miss America competition after she fired off a series of vicious anti-Muslim tweets in response to the "We Are All Muslim" protests led by director Michael Moore. 
The 20-year-old Velez directed her angry tweets at the film director — who created a buzz last week when he held up a sign reading "We Are All Muslim" outside of Trump Tower and shared an open letter online claiming that, unlike Trump, "we are not a country of angry white guys." 
Velez's remarks prompted the Miss Puerto Rico Organization to issue a statement calling her comments a poor representation of "the integrity and esteem of our program." 
Velez's remarks prompted the Miss Puerto Rico Organization to issue a statement calling her comments a poor representation of "the integrity and esteem of our program." In her tweets, Velez said, "Muslims use our constitution to terrorize USA and plant gas stations," before later adding that Muslims "terrorize this country & many others."
How vicious!

This young lady can be vicious with me any time she likes.


Anonymous said...

Cool & BTW I finished the Flashback book. Pretty good. Took me a while to get around the futuristic drug aspect since I'm not much of a "siffy" reader.

The second Bracken book is very similar since the plot plays out against the backdrop of Reconquista in the SW USA. In Bracken's telling the RQ is just a cover for a Marxist takeover of the Southwest.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas Strip sidewalk: Driver hits dozens of pedestrians in 'intentional' act

Early speculation on motive centered on proximity of ‘murder/drive’ to Planet Hollywood/Miss Universe controversy…simultaneously Miss Puerto Rico suspended for anti-muslim rant …if …and that’s a big ‘if’ related, the driver may have confused the Miss Universe with the Miss America pageant.

Anonymous said...

"She disagreed with Michael Moore and found herself suspended from the beauty contest. There was no "tirade" as the headline falsely claimed.
Freedom of speech is dead everywhere."

HT, Free Republic.

Based on what she wrote in her tweets I'm hoping English is her second language. Not very articulate but damn she look good!

Anonymous said...

OT...Schools in Nashua, New Hampshire, closed after threat

Also, Nashua not mentioned in this report but relates to recent school threats:
Maine native, Vincent Canfield at center of school threat hoax probe

Pastorius said...

Yeah, the Reconquista is just an attempt at a Marxist takeover. That's well put.

Man, we have treasonous scum on all sides of us these days, and to say so has become, in the eyes of the public, stupid and hateful, when it is, in fact, the truth.

Pastorius said...

To the other Anonymous,
I absolutely agree that her tweets were not a "tirade", nor were they hateful.

Anonymous said...

NJ Kohl’s Department Store Evacuated After Unknown Substance Sickens Shoppers
SECAUCUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A Kohl’s department store in Secaucus, New Jersey, was evacuated Sunday night after an unknown substance began to make shoppers sick.
The store was evacuated at around 9 p.m. after employees began telling customers to leave, CBS2’s Brian Webb reported.
The substance seemed to be coming from the front of the store by the cash registers, Webb reported. Witnesses said some shoppers were coughing, choking and even vomiting.
Officials said at least a dozen people were affected. Firefighters and ambulances were still on scene treated sick store goers at around 11p.m. Sunday night.
“It was in the air and everybody had it all around the registers,” John Seboroski, a shopper, said. “When I got outside, my wife was in pretty bad shape.”
Officials said there is no indication of a gas leak at this point. The investigation is ongoing.

Anonymous said...

The fact that we still not know the name of the Las Vegas perp should be a good indication of what is to come.

Anonymous said...

OT: update to Las Vegas driver identity:
"Lakeisha N. Holloway, 24, of Portland, Clark County, has been identified
as the driver, who had a toddler in the back seat when she allgedly
plowed into pedestrians on two different sections of the sidewalk on the
Las Vegas Strip on Sunday"

Read more:

Update: "... she petitioned in October to have her name changed to Paris Paradise Morton."

Anonymous said...

According to that witness. there is a huge row of plants and bushes seperating the sidewalk and the strip, but the woman driver ran through both, at a speed he guessed to be 40-45 miles per hour. "People were flying off the front of her car and people were smashing into other people as she plowed through the crowd."

The witness went on to say "As this unfolded, the only thing I recall as this happened is the insane sound of her car accelerating and the voice from the car was screaming "Allah Akbar!" I've heard the sound enough times on the news that I was waiting for a bomb to blow up or guns to start firing. "