Saturday, July 30, 2016

83% of Germans Unhappy With Immigration, Merkel Tells Them To Go Fuck Themselves

Time for the old scrunt to go.

You can't lead without folowers:
... a key coalition ally withdraws support to open-door immigration policy after terror attacks 
Thousands to gather in towns and cities across Germany today at 3pm 
They are calling for her resignation over open door immigration policy 
Comes after four brutal attacks leaving nearly a dozen dead in one week 
Three of the attackers were among 1.1million who entered as refugees 
Three of the four attackers were asylum seekers, and two of the assaults were claimed by the Islamic State group. 
'Merkel must go' has been trending on social media, with people posting powerful pictures including one claiming that she has blood on her hands after recent attacks. 
The picture shows her splattered with blood, while another depicts her wearing a Burka. 
A new survey found that 83 per cent of Germans see immigration as their nation's biggest challenge - twice as many as a year ago.


Ciccio said...

Now it suddenly becomes very clear what happens to your gray matter when it has been indoctrinated in communism from birth. No more would Obama forsake his Chicago ghetto than Meekel stop singing the Internatinale.

Always On Watch said...

And elections aren't till 2017.

Pastorius said...

Wait, aren't they Parliamentary? No? I guess not.


String her up then.