Monday, July 25, 2016

“terrible that someone abuses the opportunity to find protection here”

German Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann after a Syrian refugee chopped up a woman with a machete and then another detonated a suicide bomb trying to enter a concert all in one day


These people did NOT flee to Germany to find protection.

Don’t engage in tortuous denial ‘logic’ with ‘depressed suicide’ ..HE HAD A BOMB, or crazy lover..Germany has a culture

They are killers who slipped in WITH those who wanted to find protection, and YOU can’t tell the difference. Since you insist on continuing there are several consequences.
  1. You will continue to get this lesson over and over, and possibly FATALLY damage your society
  2. The people of the USA will begin to wonder as to the ACTUAL value of NATO since you will not take SIMPLE, TEMPORARY, if unpleasant, action to defend your nations (not just get more active in demanding ALL NATO nations spend 2% of GDP .. as we ponder dropping NATO allotments to that). How much MORE unpleasant will it be to defend a strategically difficult to defend Estonia against 2 of Ivan’s mechanized armies over a longer period?
  3. The people of the USA will wonder as to the wisdom of allowing EU nations’ passports free access to the USA without visa application and investigation.
Why is this not yet clear?

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Always On Watch said...

Why is this not yet clear?

They're brainwashed. Programmed.