Monday, July 25, 2016

Suicide Bombing at Music Festival in Germany

The Muslims Are Restless

SUICIDE BOMBER Targets Ansbach, Germany Music Festival – Bomber Dead, 14 Wounded

JerusalemPost: Blast near Nuremberg caused by explosive device

Daily Star
The explosion has happened in the middle of the Ansbach Open music festival.

Unconfirmed reports suggest just before the explosion a man with a backpack was denied entry to the festival.

Up to 2,500 people had to be evacuated from the concert venue.

The festival has now been cancelled.

Every f'n time that bastard fraud occupying-the-oval-office opens his filthy mouth...just a coincidence????
CNN: Why did Obama declare ISIS 'contained' the day before Paris attack?

MSNBC: Kerry: "Al Qaeda is 'Neutralized'" announced hours prior to Mali terror attack.

OBAMA Mocked Trump And RNC’s “Vision of Chaos And Violence” 1 Hour Before Munich Attack (VIDEO)...and hours prior to both jihad attacks in Germany today...

179 Days, 04 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds till that rat bastard leaves the White House


The Last English Prince said...

Islam is at war with the West.
Geopolitical Islam is at war with the West.
Islam, resurrected from the seventh century is at war with the West.

Merkel should be tossed from the window of her flat. Germany used to have an enviable security record. No more. Four attacks in approximately a week time span:

Axe attack on rail: Muslim

Shooting attack at mall: Muslim

Hatchet attach on pregnant woman: Muslim

Suicide bomber targeting music festival:


Too late for Germany. The enemy is in their beds. Merkel even put the mint on the pillow.

zaba said...

179 Days, 04 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds till that rat bastard leaves the White House

I just can't shake the thought of 'martial law'

Anonymous said...

WZ BREAKING: Part Of Time Square Evacuated As Police Respond To Suspicious Knapsack…

Report: British Intercepted Intel Reveals Erdogan Behind Coup To Conduct Purges

Anonymous said...

UKSun: IN DETENTION Turkey arrests 62 schoolchildren for TREASON following failed military coup