Thursday, July 28, 2016

Why would they even want to be WW fans if they don't like Gal Gadot's politics?

Breitbart's Big Hollywood section showed how SJW anti-semites and anti-Israelists are voicing their hatred for Israeli actress Gal Gadot, star of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, because of her pro-Israel and pro-IDF standings. The paragraph at the end is something I'd like to follow up on:
The anti-Gadot tweets are somewhat ironic considering a majority of the same people would frequently advocate for such a large movie portraying a strong female lead, however Gadot’s political views distance herself from the crowd, and she now appears to just be another target in the crosshairs of social justice.
In this case, they presumably don't want to support the WW movie just because they despise Gadot for her positions. There might also be some irony here because, as I'd found before, the movie might be saddled with a PC direction, and not simply because it's set during World War One rather than Two.

And even more ironic is that the leftards would even be Wonder Woman fans at all, since there were Jews involved in the development of the Amazonian princess back in 1941, including Max Gaines. Creator William Marston may have had some moral flaws and a few questionable ideas, but as evidenced by the premise in WW, Marston was anti-fascist, and that he worked with several Jewish editors and publishers is enough to verify that he was pro-Jewish, and surely also pro-Israel. He may not have been Jewish himself, but, what if he was? Why would any of these phony feminists want to cherish his creation at all? I'd suggest they not even buy any DC products at all if that's what they're like...except I've got a hunch they never have anyway. If so, then they're just aimless ranters with no idea what they want in life.

Here's more on the subject at The Algemeiner.

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