Thursday, July 28, 2016

The PC propaganda that may still be within DC's output

Since we were on the topic of Islamic propaganda being pushed by Marvel, here's also some news about what DC's been pushing. Arcamax was publishing some sugary articles about what's come up with Rebirth, and it's in the second of these where it's confirmed the propaganda Geoff Johns concocted still has a presence:
We've only got half of this reboot: "Green Lanterns," starring the two new Emerald Gladiators of Earth. The second title, "Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps," in which the best-known GL takes on the Sinestro Corps in space, doesn't debut until July 27.

Meanwhile, we've had three issues to look at our new Green Lanterns, misunderstood Muslim Simon Baz, and agoraphobic Latina Jessica Cruz. They are, essentially, rookie cosmic cops with Earth as their beat.

Both have serious problems. Baz isn't trusted by the public, as some mistakes in his youth have placed him on a terrorist watch list. He has trust issues himself; he doesn't even rely on his power ring, being the only GL to carry a gun. Cruz, meanwhile, got her start being possessed by an alien from a parallel dimension, aggravating a mental illness. Her battle to overcome agoraphobia displays a different kind of heroism than we normally see.

Simon is all impulse, so is less interesting to this reader than Jessica, who is all anxiety. But I'll root for both of them while they take on the Red Lantern Corps in their first storyline, "Red Dawn."
Why don't I buy that claim the writer has less interest in the character called Baz? After all, he says he's rooting for him as much as the other character he noted (did I mention how ludicrous the premise with agoraphobia sounds?). Most fascinating how Baz, besides being rendered with such a tasteless background, is also depicted with an otherwise unimaginative approach, using a gun more than a power ring. Say, is the gun in the story unregistered and lacking a carry permit? If so, then he'd be guilty of illegal possession of a firearm. Did I mention how disturbing it is that the character was given a mask that looks like the ones worn by Hamas terrorists?

It won't be shocking if the Islamic background will remain, and that's reason enough for anybody who finds such propaganda distasteful to avoid buying the GL books.

Since we're still on the topic of Rebirth, there's also some insulting comment here about Wonder Woman's current costume design:
[...] Or perhaps I'm just dazzled by WW's new uniform, leather armor based on ancient Greco-Roman design. It's so much better than the old star-spangled swimsuit or her recent fashion mistakes, that I'm happy just looking at the art.
Wow, here's one phony who's certainly joined the bandwagon putting down WW's original design. If he'd said it's just as good as the older one, that would be okay, but the way he puts it across makes it sound like the older one was worthless. At least they're not as SJW-catering at the moment as they'd been over a year ago. But that doesn't mean they couldn't do it again, and it's clear this was written with some SJW mentality in mind.

I'm sure plenty of other people realize that, even if DC supposedly moved away from using the idea behind Identity Crisis to set the tone of their universe, that doesn't guarantee their storytelling will improve, as the part about Green Lantern hints. That's why, so long as Dan DiDio is still in charge, nobody need put their money into DC's pockets.

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