Wednesday, July 27, 2016

CNN: Muslims Are The True Target Of Latest Terror Attack On Catholic Church In France

"Don't Even THINK We're Dangerous, Or We'll Kill You"

From the Daily Caller:
Muslims are the true target of the latest terror attack on a Catholic church in France, according to CNN. 
In the name of the Islamic State, two Muslim men stormed a Catholic mass in Normandy Monday, took two parishioners and two nuns hostage, delivered a sermon in Arabic at the altar and then slit the throat of an elderly Catholic priest before police shot them dead. 
One of the hostages is in critical condition. At least one Catholic person is dead, but according to CNN it’s Muslims in Europe who should be afraid. 
“The goal in going after such a provocative target? To trigger a backlash against Muslims in France and drive the country’s Muslims into the recruiting arms of the Islamic State,” CNN surmises.


Always On Watch said...

A dead Christian priest, slaughtered at the altar of his church -- and this is what CNN says?

The mind reels.

The Last English Prince said...

Well, we nearly got into a brawl last night with our Muslim dinner guests.

* All the wars in Africa and the Middle East are the fault of America.

* The men who slit the throat of the priest are not "Muslims" (this is where we nearly had a beat down!)

* Communism is superior to what we have in America.

I issued the challenge: Name all of the Christian acts of terror in the news.

Deep misunderstanding of cause and effect and a mental scaffolding which cannot accept accountability if a terror attack involves a Muslim.

All of this, from a mouthy teenage boy who is a Muslim.

The axes to grind are now the axes to wield with a list of grievances which is nonsensical, yet ideologically internalized.

Anonymous said...

Muslim dinner guests? I'm surprised you weren't eaten.

Always On Watch said...

Last English Prince,
Nearly a brawl last night, huh?

Victimology on steroids -- or something.

Always On Watch said...

And in YOUR house, too?

Damned rude.

WC said...

So....let me see if I understad thi.

I live next store to serial killer. The cops go to get him. But by mistake, they raid MY house, scare the shit out of my family, throw me to the ground (and God forbid if I brandish a self defense weapon since I am surprised in the dark – I get shot) and arrest me. But whatever. Anyway, because of the incident, you say I have reason for myself to become a serial killer.

BUT — if my belief system has me believing in the serial killer meme – I would be easily drawn to becoming a serial killer and defending serial killers against all comers.