Sunday, July 31, 2016

Here’s how Donald Trump can lose the election which is his to win


If you are really that idiotic, Trump, you don’t deserve it.

The Khan’s, REALLY?


Sometimes growing a pair mean shutting that trap.

This is judo. If I am Hillary Clinton, my debate masters right now are working on triggering Trump phrases to allow you to commit suicide on LIVE TV.

And then we get HER.

So if you are serious Mr, Trump, try to figure out that every frickin‘ assault on your persona is NOT AN ARGUMENT YOU HAVE TO WIN by making fools out of the opposition accusers
What you SHOULD have responded, was that your heart could break for the Khan’s, and it is to protect Muslims like them, AMERICANS through and through, that your intentions and plans are to prevent immigration and ‘visits’ by those who cannot be differentiated from the Khan’s ..who you would be pleased to live near, and “then will I share with you the last cracker and watch with you to shield your homes and families against danger from every quarter“.


I’m asking.

This is not about you, Trump, it’s about US.

Stay on the message



Always On Watch said...

Trump needs to learn when not to respond.

Anonymous said...

While staying on message is a proper admonition, I don't believe Muslims are Americans "through and through." There are no loyal, moderate Muslims. There are only patient Muslims. And just because you get yourself blown up while on duty doesn't make you some American hero. A lot of "soldiers" in the armed forces nowadays are just getting a paycheck so they can find out what they're going to do next in life. Surely, you realize that.

The Last English Prince said...

Trump should have ignored the insult. Responding changed the conversation. The Dem's want to control the script. This is all very subtle. It is not about Muslims, per se, it is about control. Trump has already changed the conversation. And it has been a good one.

Trump needs to stay on script. And by not responding, Mr. Khan is speaking to an empty commentary room. When Trump responds, the room fills up.

June of 2015: I began pulling for Trump with the belief that only he had sufficient funds, tenacity and passion to charge the political dragons. He has not disappointed.

The election? I believe he will win. And it will NOT be a "hanging chad" moment.

Nicoenarg said...

This is precisely why conservatives lose time and again. They insist on playing by lib rules over and over.

John McCain is not a hero. - "ITS OVER FOR TRUMP IF HE DOESN'T APOLOGIZE. OMG!!!"


Temp ban on Muslims - "UH OH!!! DING DING DING!! ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Whatever this guy's son did for the US, this POS today on CNN stated "Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam" whereas Trump has been adamant that the biggest problem is actually with Islam. His acceptance speech had "Islamic terrorism" not "Radical, non majority, terrorism that has nothing to do with Islam. PS Islam is a religion of peace. PSS: All hail Mohammed".

Share a cracker? And then what does Trump do.."You are willing to share a cracker with Khan who says Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, are you willing to retract your statement about temp ban on Muslims then?" Trump: "uh, you got me!"

The way he responded was actually perfect. He didn't attack the guy, he didn't "GO AFTER" anyone, like CBS tried to spin it. He simply said "good luck to him and i'd like to hear the wife speak". Yeah, why not?

I've heard Trump shoot from the hip, this was actually very calculated. Of course people didn't like it, people are offended at EVERYTHING these days.

Trump loses if he plays by your PC rules, period. He not only loses everyone else, he loses his own supporters.

Trump is where he is because of WHO he is, not in spite of.

Nicoenarg said...

Oh and let's not forget the "blood coming out of wherever" that was going to end Trump for eternity.

Any other republican would have spent months apologizing for it in a robot like manner even after Hillary got elected to the WH.

Pastorius said...

There's a story here on our front page today that shows that American Muslim soldiers have killed just as many US soldiers as the enemy has killed Muslim soliders.

That pretty much cancels out the father's bitching, whining and complaining.

If he wants to be mad at anything, he should be mad at his fellow Muslims who are causing all the fucking problems in the first place.

The Last English Prince said...

Jihad has everything to do with Islam. I have a terror manual on my shelf and it is filled with Ahadith related to jihad and acts of terror.

I have this conversation on Islam and jihad on a regular basis. Hands down, Muslims will say "They are not true Muslims." The deep denial and disavowal of what the texts and commentaries proclaim come at a steep price.
Minus truth, there can be no real solution.

Nicoenarg said...

Look its simple. In Islam Muslims are allowed to say "its not real Islam" to anything that may give Islam or Muslims a bad reputation. It doesn't matter whether what they're saying contradicts their own Quran or Sunnah. It is perfectly ok in Islam to lie about these things as long as the reputation of Islam is not tainted.

Try it next time, just ask questions instead of pointing out the Quran. Depending on the society these questions are asked in, Muslims give a different answer.

For example, this whole "Islam is a religion of peace" is a thing invented in the West for Western folks. No one says or believes it in the Middle East, there they proudly proclaim how awesome Jihad is, real Jihad, not the pussy Jihad the liberals seem to have invented.

Also, no one apologizes for hitting women or says "it only says LIGHTLY" in the middle east, its accepted as normal practice.

There's a reason I don't trust Muslims and WILL NEVER advocate sharing crackers with them. Even the best of them are the most despicable people I've ever seen.

Epaminondas said...

The minute Trump responds to attacks ON HIM, instead of insisting his message is correct ...


Just SHUT UP and bang away at the messages which the people AGREE WITH


Trump should never deviate at any time from this broadcast, NOR should his people.

Every question should be turned around on this issue.

'George (Steph), are you telling me you are more worried about the broken heart of one family than the hundreds of completely innocent civilians purposefully killed and thousands wounded by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, who by the way KILLED this family's child, and are unarguably slipping into the west?'

I don't want to hear Trump making this response to a personal insult.

It's a waste of time, and life.


Pastorius said...

Keep on doing what you're doing. I want you to know, you are appreciated by me.

I do not always agree with you - though most of the time I do) - but you always bring up important issues, food for thought, and a unique way of seeing things, which we need to take under advisement.

Thanks, my friend.

Pastorius said...

I have to add, you say you don't want to see Trump responding like this to a personal insult.

It seems to me Trump is doing it the Chicago way, just like you have always said we need to do. They bring a knife, he brings a gun.

No matter what people hit him with, he'll hit them back even harder.

To people like you and I and the rest of the writers here, this all seems petty.

We are idea people.

Trump is a fighter.

That's what we need.

Epaminondas said...

There are some arguments which you can win, but you shouldn't

When you do, everyone despises the person you are even if they have some grudging respect, getting that vote that way is not easy.

This one takes ju juitsu, not a left hook followed by an uppercut.

Even of Khan's father carried HAMAS and Hezballah flags in his pocket, his kid DIED for us and that REQUIRES respect, and it's THAT which Trump violated.

That and the grief every one of us with a child fears most.

But it sure took attention away from Melania nude lesbian pix, didn't it?

Pastorius said...

If I were President, everyone would be looking at Pics of Melania naked all the time.