Friday, July 29, 2016

Predictive Analysis: Future German Intel Failures

From The Last English Prince:
The Last English Prince took note: 
“The men were fluent in German and Arabic as they volleyed abusive threats.” Women threatened with extermination The men were fluent in German. And they were fluent in Arabic. 
Germany now has a hell of a situation on their hands. Germany has entered an era of al-Ansar. It will be the rise of a geopolitical confederacy, a gestalt which will be difficult to track. 
Al-Ghazali wrote of this brotherhood as one which held subordinate every other identity marker, whether it be ethnicity or bloodlines (include nationality, because Islam does not recognize sovereign natural borders). 
The Charter of Madinah laid out the social contract for the relationship between al-Ansar (those already residing in Madinah) and the Muslim immigrants arriving from Makkah. It was this charter, which was alluded to by a Canadian Muslim who sat in the presence of Osama bin Ladin a mere few weeks before 9/11. 
The men were told to rise as one man, as one nation, to the exclusion of all other people. Perhaps most notable was the provision for no separate peace, when Muslims were engaged in warfare. 
That warfare has now come to Germany: 
Four attacks in a two week span. 
The bond of brotherhood also does not allow for reporting out: 
“The Muslim is that one from whose tongue and hand the Muslims are safe.” Sahih Bukhari 
So if a member of the brotherhood is busy sewing a suicide vest in the corner of a German Muslim’s house – ya’ just cannot rat him out. Your lips are sealed. He is “safe”. 
There is a fairly unbreakable rule in Islam and it has to do with “permission”. You must seek permission to enter a house. At the point you are received into the private space everything you hear and observe is not to be communicated out if it involves secret keeping activities. 
The hundreds of thousands of combat ready Muslim males who descended on Germany find themselves in the company of al-Ansar, their native-born German helpers. This dynamic will create a perfect storm. 
My prediction? 
*White collar professional Muslims in the 30-40 age range, born on German soil, will quietly involve themselves in operational aspects of terror attacks. They will identify targets of symbolic value, work on the logistical side of the attacks, and provide both cover and work legends. 
* These attacks will increasingly show signs of greater sophistication and lethality. 
*The “helpers” will make it possible for the immigrant Muslim males age 20-30 to remain undetected. 
We will learn their identities only upon their demise. And we may remain in the dark regarding the identities of al-Ansar. 
Germany is about to face a humiliating run of intelligence failures. 
Naturally, I hope I am wrong.


CrossWare said...

You are not wrong!

Anonymous said...

Your analysis is correct. And it's pretty sure to assume that those here in the US are ready to do their part.