Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eric Schmidt, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cass Sunstein, and Jeff Bezos To Head Up Pentagon's Defense Innovation Board

Eric Schmidt, Former Head of Google 

From Defense News:

WASHINGTON — Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Amazon head Jeff Bezos and former Obama administration official Cass Sunstein are among the newest names to join Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s new Defense Innovation Advisory Board.

Carter announced those names as part of a list of ten new members for the board, which he created in March to advise the Pentagon on technology innovation issues.

The board is headed by Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, the Google parent company. 

The board, Carter said in his speech, is “charged with keeping DoD imbued with a culture of innovation in people, organizations, operations, and technology, to support people who innovate, those creative figures in our department who are willing to try new things, fail fast, and iterate; and also to ensure that we’re always doing everything we can to stay ahead of potential adversaries.”

The board now includes the following members:

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman, Alphabet Inc. (DIAB chair)
Jeff Bezos, president, chairman and CEO, Amazon Inc.
Adam Grant, professor, Wharton School of Business
Danny Hillis, computer theorist and co-founder, Applied Inventions
Reid Hoffman, co-founder, LinkedIn; and partner, Greylock Partners
Walter Isaacson, president and CEO, Aspen Institute
Eric Lander, president and founding director, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Marne Levine, chief operating officer, Instagram
J. Michael McQuade, senior vice president for science and technology, United Technologies
William McRaven, chancellor, University of Texas System
Milo Medin, vice president, Access Services, Google Capital
Richard Murray, professor, California Institute of Technology
Jennifer Pahlka, founder, Code for America
Cass Sunstein, professor, Harvard Law School
Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist

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Anonymous said...

Given the history of this administration, the first thought that comes to much of a gift to our enemies is this going to cost US taxpayers? These globalists do not have a track record of seeking the best interests of this nation above all others.