Thursday, July 14, 2016


I was emailed a story by a friend of our blog. The story concerns a friend of Trump who was, SUPPOSEDLY, involved in an affair.

I do not care if he was or he wasn't.

That is his business, and the business of the person he would have been having the affair with, if he were having an affair.

And, I want to add this: If the media blows this story into a national headline-making story, so that it brings down the Trump Campaign, you will still not see me do stories on the affair here at IBA. I may post about the stupidity, hypocrisy, and evil of the Government-Media/Academia Complex in their promotion of such a stupid and useless story.

But I will not do stories that feature the story itself.

I told the person who emailed me the story that I simply do not care.

The person responded thusly:
I care for two reasons: 
White collar professionals know ethic regarding workplace affairs. Remember the IBM CEO years ago who took a tumble? We have surgeons who have lost their credentials for sleeping with nurses. 
Wanna sleep around? Do it with someone who is not part of your workplace community.
To which, I say the following:
That should NOT be the law. 
The only reason we have such a stupid law is because women get away with being treated as wilting flowers. 
Fuck that. 
Women are adults. They are responsible for their own actions. 
This is not Islamic territory.


Nicoenarg said...

Damn, NSFW.

Other than that I agree with you completely. This is a non issue. Cruzbots, NeverTrumpers and Hitlery supporters are the only ones making an issue out of this and once again, this is going to fall flat. No sane person gives a damn.

Pastorius said...

NSFW: Yeah, I guess.

There's no actual tits or ass in that photo.

Sorry if I offended you.

The assertion that I ought to care about this non-story is offensive to me.

Anonymous said...

Since we are on the subject of "personal-life issues" with candidates, does anybody know why Wikipedia describes Mike Pence as: "scum lord" and "degenerate?"

Pastorius said...


I have never about that. I suspect we will hear nothing but for the next few days.

Nicoenarg said...

"Sorry if I offended you."

You didn't offend me, I was just leaving that in case you wanted to add it to the title for folks who may click on it at work. I work from home, I can watch porn while working if I wanted to. LOL


The article is now under "semi protection due to vandalism". Some butthurt idiot edited the article probably to feel better about themselves. He's pro traditional values which pisses idiot libs off.

WC said...

If a woman was born and raised in the 50s and 60s, she knew how to respond the advances of a male masher and sending them away with their tail between their legs with a simple reference to the size of their manhood. If that didn't work, a swift kick to nether region would do the trick.

Like today's men - we have raised wussies as woman.

Always On Watch said...


I rebuffed a few advances made by coworkers and even superiors (and even one teacher) -- and without using the tactics you mentioned.

My best friend in college was raped by a member of the State Department; he was one of her coworkers (a superior). No legal recourse at that time. But I promised myself: "Nobody is going to do that to ME! Nobody is going to coerce me sexually."

Pastorius said...

Well put, WC.

Pastorius said...

Yeah, I do not want this post to come off as portraying that I think it's ok to rape a woman, or even enact some sort of quid pro quo in the workplace.

I am against these things. All "coercion" is coercion through threat of force.

Ultimately at the end of a gun.

For instance, even quid pro quo sexual arrangements, if the woman does not agree, end in the woman being escorted from the premises by armed security, or police force, if she does not cooperate.

Sorry to draw it out to it's conclusion, but that's the truth.

That is entirely different than propositioning a woman, even an "underling" in the workplace. Everyone should be fuckable in an adult society. Society is for adults. Children are separate. They do not live in our society. They live under the protection of adults.

If a person does not want to fuck they say, "No."

simple as that.

Always On Watch said...

If a person does not want to fuck they say, "No."

Has always worked for me. And I never got fired, either.