Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trump's "Softening" On Immigration

Trump "softened" his position on immigration.

That's the news as told to us by the Washington Post:
Trump's immigration plan: Deport 'bad ones,' treat 'the rest' like Obama does 
Jenna Johnson The Washington Post 
After spending a few days reflecting on his immigration stances and consulting with Hispanic supporters, Donald Trump on Monday detailed how he would deal with the millions of immigrants illegally living in the United States: 
Enforce laws that are already on the books and continue to do what President Obama is doing, although "perhaps with a lot more energy." 
This strategy marks a sudden change for the Republican nominee, who has presented himself as a politically incorrect outsider who is not afraid to take extreme measures to combat illegal immigration, such as deporting 11 million people or constructing a massive wall along the southern border. 
For more than a year, Trump insisted that all illegal immigrants "have got to go" and that he would create a "deportation force" to carry out the task. Trump struck a starkly different tone during an interview with Bill O'Reilly of Fox News that aired on Monday night. 
Trump said he would separate the country's undocumented immigrants into two groups: The "bad ones" who would be kicked out of the country as soon as he takes office and "everybody else" who would go through the same process that the Obama Administration is currently using. 
"The first thing we're going to do if and when I win is we're going to get rid of all of the bad ones," Trump said. 
"We've got gang members, we have killers, we have a lot of bad people that have to get out of this country. We're going to get them out, and the police know who they are. They're known by law enforcement who they are. We don't do anything. They go around killing people and hurting people and they're going to be out of this country so fast your head will spin. We have existing laws that allow you to do that."
Byron York interviewed Trump back in January of 2016. Here's how it went:
QUESTION: I read Art of the Deal. And one of the things you write about is you have to be bold, you have to make a splash, you have to attract attention. You've also talked about compromise. There was a time you said there's nothing wrong with compromise — you just ask for about three times what you want, and then you get what you want. So I look at deporting all illegal immigrants. I look at a temporary ban of Muslims coming to the United States. They get a lot of attention. Are they opening positions in a negotiation? 
TRUMP: I'm not saying there can't be some give and take, but at some point we have to look at these things. You look at the radical Islamic terrorism and you look at what's going on, we have to take a serious look. There's tremendous hatred. You look at illegal immigration and all that's taking place with respect to illegal immigration, whether it's the crime or the economy, I mean, it affects many different elements. It doesn't mean I'm hard and fast 100 percent, but we to get a lot of what I'm asking for, or we're not going to have a country any more. 
QUESTION: So they are opening positions? 
TRUMP: They are very strong positions. It doesn't mean you're not going to negotiate a little bit, but I guess there will always be some negotiation. But they are very strong positions, and I would adhere to those positions very strongly. That doesn't mean that at some point we won't talk a little bit about some negotiation. Who wouldn't do that?
In May, 2016, I wrote the following:


How You Know Donald Trump's Over-The-Top Promises Are Not Lies, While Those of Other Politicians Are

Adam Carolla remarked the other day that Donald Trump is The Superhero Version Of An American President.

He is what we all imagine a President should be, because he is willing to make the grand gestures, stopping the speeding locomotive of Political Correctness, able to leap the tall buildings of Leftist Architecture - the Government-Media/Academia Complex - in a single bound.

Donald Trump will let nothing stop him. He will say whatever he has to say to win. He will do whatever he has to stop those opposing him in their tracks.

And we like that because we believe in the same things as him. We Are Americans. We want to win. We Are Americans. We believe in Excellence. We Are Americans. We believe We Are Leaders of The Free World.

We do not believe in timidity. We do not believe we should take a back seat on the bus of collectivism. And we don't believe in losing.

We believe in Winning. Donald Trump said, "We'll be winning so much we will get bored with winning" and we laughed and laughed, because
we know that that's just a joke, because winning never gets boring.

You stand against Trump, he makes fun of you. You insult Trump, he insults you. You oppose his policies, he will beat you.


He will begin to beat you with his words. Then he will beat you at the ballot box. And then, he will beat you into the ground with legislation.

Take the Wall, for instance. People laugh when he promises the wall. Many of us who love Trump don't even believe he means it.

"He won't build a wall," we think to ourselves. "And even if he does, he won't be able to make Mexico pay for it."

But still, even as don't necessarily believe him, we stand here waiting, with baited breath. "Maybe, by God, the man means it. Maybe he really will build that fucking wall, and maybe he really will drag Vicente Fox out into the Town Square of the entire world, and make him write a fucking check."

Maybe he will.

But even if he doesn't, even if Trump doesn't even believe his own words when he says he will, WE STILL KNOW DONALD TRUMP ISN'T LYING!

"Wait a minute," you say. "What do you mean he's not lying? If he says something he does not mean to carry through on, that's a lie, right? Why, I dare say, that's the very definition of a lie."



And, everyone knows it is not a lie.

Even those of you accusing him of being a liar, even you know it is not a lie.

Want me to prove it to you?

Ok, here:

You know that Donald Trump is negotiating. That is his opening bid. He will build a wall across the entire Southern Border, and he will make Mexico pay for it.

That's his offer. Take it or leave it.

Now, let's say Mexico is so shrunken, so terror-seized by the audacity of that offer, that they simply cave. They send Vicente Fox out from behind the crumbling, bullet-ridden, adobe facade that is the Mexican Government's moral authority, with his little red checkbook, and he scribbles the payment out with his shaking hand.

Let's say that's what happens.

Do you think Trump wouldn't take the deal?

Of course he would.

And that's how you know he's not lying. That's how you know he means what he says.

He is not attempting to fool us into voting for him by saying things he doesn't mean. Everything he says is a statement of fact as to the direction he wants to go.

He wants it. This is his goal.


In fact, you could says IT'S A HUGE GOAL.

Other politicians are mired in small goals, incremental goals, cost-of-living increase goals, food stamp goals, borrow-money-from-our-Social-Security-fund goals.

Other politicians are not going in the right direction. They do not want to extend American Power and Influence. Instead, they want to retreat from our own borders, creating a "borderless world." They do not want to increase American Prosperity. They think Americans have too much, that we're too rich,  and spoiled, that we are the undeserving recipients of "obscene profits."

Donal Trump's goals are America's goals: To Win. That's our Direction.That's our Goal. And we will do whatever we have to do to accomplish what we believe in.

Other politicians don't really believe in that, and even if they say they do, they don't really mean it.

Trump means it. We mean it.


Donald Trump had better build the wall, and he'd better stop Islamic immigration from countries that are known for Jihad, or he will be just as fucking useless to us as fucking Jeb Bush.

I have never believed in the deportation of 11 million people.




The truth of the matter is this, Americans elect the Democrats and the Republicans. 

They are our government. They represent the Will of the People.

They imported these illegal aliens in our names.

We can no more shirk repsonsibility for that than the Germans can for Hitler, or the people who live under Islam can for Islam (as they attempt to do when they call their violent religion a "religion of peace" - you see, to them, it might be peaceful, but if they want the right to call their religion "peaceful", then they have to actually do something about it to make it peaceful. And that includes standing up against those who have made it violent.).

It is true, these illegal aliens were not imported legally, but they were imported with the tacit consent of our duly elected government. It is a conspiracy by our government to circumvent the law. 

And, as we elected these scumbags, it is our responsibility to fix what they have done in our name.

Illegal Immigration is a moral blight on our nation - the likes of which we have not seen since slavery. I'm not saying it is the equivalent of slavery. It is not.

However, it is a fact that we have a Serf class in our nation who do not have equal access to the law.

And that is simply not right.

So, the solution is, BUILD THE FUCKING WALL, 





Always On Watch said...

What are the parameters of "a productive life"?

This is not a snarky question.

BTW, the few illegal immigrants whom I personally know have families of very limited size -- AND their children are in private schools. At least for the early grades (K-6),

Always On Watch said...

About the matter of shard blame...

Until Trump came along, did we have a candidate who was really willing to seal the border?

Pastorius said...

IMO, a person who has a job and pays his way is living a productive life.

If they live off government aid, then they are not living a productive life.

My knowledge of how to read who is and isn't living off government aid is not very sophisticated, so i will demure to people on Trump's side in how to delineate who is and is not productive.

The reason I say it is not easy to know who is and isn't living off aid is because aid has been worked into so many areas of life. For instance, school lunches. Even my kids were given a sales job on the value of a school lunch. That is absurd. Almost no one in our neighborhood needs such a thing.

That is just one example. There are countless examples.

Me personally, I am not aware of my family or I receiving ANY government aid of any sort.

Always On Watch said...

I agree with those parameters.

Anonymous said...

Productive American citizens learn the language and assimilate to the Judeo-Christian culture accepting the sovereignty of America and the Constitutional foundations upon which we reside. Anyone refusing to pledge allegiance to our nation and her flag should be considered counter- productive and ineligible for citizenship or temporary residency. All seditious groups like LaRaza, CAIR etc. should be RICOed and banned. The right to vote should be proven with photo ID. Voter fraud should result with the loss of citizenship. That's just for starters.

Pastorius said...

RICO'd or prosecuted for Treason.

midnight rider said...

Here's a parameter of sorts. The only aid we have ever taken is unemployment WHICH WE PAID IN TO. For the last seven years -yep it has been that long - our daughter would have qualified for free school lunches. And we for stamps or at the very least food at the Church. BUT I ABSOLITELY REFUSED AS LONG AS I COULD PAY NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT. THAT'S A FUCKING PARAMETER FOR PRODUCTIVE.