Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wafa Sultan: There Is No "Islam and Extreme Islam"

Wafa Sultan - One of the most amazing videos in the history of the Counter-Jihad:


Top Ten list for the Counter Jihad from Rebel Media

Eight people were killed by a mob in northern Nigeria this week after the perpetrators set fire to a house of a Muslim man who previously saved a Christian from the attacking mob.
According to Agenzia Fides, the mob attempted to lynch a Christian student accused of blasphemy.
The incident began when Muslim classmates beat the man, who previously converted to Christianity from Islam, for insulting their religion. After leaving him for dead, a Muslim bystander helped the victim by getting him to the hospital for medical treatment.
The explanation for this behaviour may well lie in the Koran.
Properties leased on condition that they cannot host any activities not sanctioned by sharia.
The historic Admiralty House and four other Whitehall buildings are now operating in accordance with some sharia rules – including a ban on alcohol – after they were used as part of an Islamic bond scheme.
The properties must comply with some aspects of sharia under the terms of special bonds known as sukuk, announced by George Osborne two years ago when the UK became the first Western country to issue them.
At least £200m of the sukuk bonds have been sold to investors in the UK and the major Islamic finance centres in the Middle East and Asia. 
The rest of the country is on a hunger strike against communism at this point. Mostly because the communists arranged it so there wouldn't be any food.
A former Guantanamo prisoner now held by Venezuela's intelligence agency has gone on hunger strike, his lawyer said Saturday.
Jihad Diyab, who was relocated from Guantanamo to Uruguay nearly two years ago, was detained after traveling to Caracas in July in an apparent attempt to see family, his California-based lawyer Jon Eisenberg told AFP.

Police is Telford are accused of taking too long to probe allegations contained in files stretching to 150 pages.
Police are under fire over a “ Rotherham style ” abuse scandal in a town dubbed the child sex capital of Britain.
Officers are accused of taking too long to probe allegations contained in files stretching to 150 pages.
It is claimed reports of grooming in Telford, Shrops, were logged incorrectly and not taken seriously enough despite an earlier probe that led to seven men being jailed in 2012.
Today, one victim who was hawked among paedophiles and forced to sleep with a string of men, said: “The police have betrayed the children of this town for a second time.
For those wishing to have a clearer understanding of the issue of Muslim mass child sex slave gangs, read the book, "Easy Meat" and watch Gavin Boby's videos on the subject, many of which are here at The Rebel.

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