Wednesday, August 31, 2016

British churches should have 'BOUNCERS' on doors to prevent terror attack, says expert

From The Express:
According to new guidance, smaller churches are at greater risk of being attacked than larger places of worship. 
The new advice from an adviser to the Home Office suggests churches should install CCTV and attack alarms to help protect church-goers and clergymen. 
The 12-page document recommends churches to put "someone on the door of your church welcoming people into the building during service who can close the front door in an emergency". 
The document adds: "Make sure that someone is stood by the door before, during and after the service, whilst the congregation is present.”


WC said...
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WC said...

From the movie Dante's Peak :

Harry Dalton: My 9th grade science teacher always said that if you put a frog in boiling hot water, it would jump out. But put it in cold water, and heat it up gradually, it would slowly boil to death.
Nancy: What's that Harry? Your recipe for frog soup?
Harry Dalton: It's my recipe for a disaster.

The frog is now boiled and they never saw it coming.