Sunday, August 28, 2016

Keith Ellison For President?

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour tweeted this. Could Hillary be replaced by Ellison? Is that the ‘master plan’ she’s referring to?

Some more about Linda Sarsour...

IBA: 9/15/15 NYC Public Schools Take Day Off For Islamic Holiday Eid “It is a huge victory to actually see the day come,” says Linda Sarsour, a member of the Coalition for Muslim School Holidays and a New York activist with three children.

4/16 JihadWatch: "NYC giving $10M to Linda Sarsour, hate-filled..."

1/16 JihadWatch: Court requires NYPD to purge document @ how Islamic terrorists operate
Leftist ideologues who have joined with Islamic supremacists such as Linda Sarsour to bring this about ...

FrontPageMag: Obama Honors Radical Israel Hater

FrontPageMag: The President's Beloved Islamic Grievance Monger

FrontPageMag: Inside the Bernie Sanders Pro-Hamas Campaign

FrontPageMag: Bernie Sanders' War Against the Jews ...Instead his campaign has focused heavily on bringing in hateful Muslim figures such as Linda Sarsour

FrontPageMag: Holders Bans Profiling Islamic Terrorists by Religion Islam is terrorism's motive . ... “Adding religion and national origin is huge,” said Linda Sarsour, ...

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