Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Media Ignores The Violent Anti-Trump Brownshirts of the Left

Clinton’s Censorship Tactics Aren’t Working Against Trump
When I went to my first Trump rally in California earlier this year I noticed two male protestors holding up signs with a picture of Donald Trump next to a Nazi flag that read: “Stop Nazi Trump.” What I found so shocking about this was not the sign itself but the irony of this picture. As they held up these signs, hordes of protesters around them spit, swore and physically pushed Trump supporters — including women and children – as they walked in and out of the event.
The irony is that these protestors that are so quick to cast Trump as Adolf Hitler are using the same violent tactics that Hitler’s Brownshirts, aka the SA, executed against Nazi opponents in the years leading up to the German dictator’s rise to power in 1933. The radical groups that support Hillary Clinton are using these same methods of fear, violence, ridicule and intimidation. Her supporters are blindly endorsing the one candidate that is manipulating them to use the same criminal tactics Hitler’s followers applied; yet, they are too ill informed to realize this. They’ve been brainwashed to believe that Trump is the bad guy.
The Brownshirts, originally named the Strurmabteilung, which means Storm Department, attracted many unemployed and unhappy young people. Their purpose was to provide protection for Nazi meetings and rallies and also to disrupt the meetings of opposing parties and to fight and attack members of these parties. They quickly got a reputation for being a well-organized gang of violent thugs. Hitler’s Brownshirts would roam the streets at night and beat up anyone who openly opposed Hitler.
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UKIndependent: Five Whitehall buildings held by wealthy businessmen now operating under Sharia rules
The historic Admiralty House and four other Whitehall buildings are now operating in accordance with some sharia rules – including a ban on alcohol – after they were used as part of an Islamic bond scheme.

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Muslim activist Linda Sarsour tweeted this. Could Hillary be replaced by Ellison? Is that the ‘master plan’ she’s referring to?

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Some more about Linda Sarsour...

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