Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ignorant Infidels

Andrew MacLeod:
[...] were the Orlando murderer, the Sydney siege murderer, or the Nice murderer terrorists? Like Mia and Tom’s killer, these three did not appear to be part of organised groups. We know none of the Nice, Sydney and Orlando killers had a deep religious history. All three rarely prayed in mosques. They drank, had sex out of marriage, failed to fast in Ramadan. None was a “devout Muslim”, according to anecdotal evidence from people who claimed to have known them.
Therefore, the connection with Islam barely exists!
But what did they have in common? All three men had broken relationships with their wives and partners. They were all estranged loners who didn’t “belong”. They all had a history of family violence. In the case of the Orlando killer, he had a long history of steroid use, which has been linked to aggression. Although claims were made during the attacks, no formal links with Isis have been found.
But if they weren’t terrorists, what were they?
These Muslims shout Allah Akbar, proclaim their allegiance to ISIS, cast terror into the hearts of innocents but Macleod simply ignores that because they weren't devout enough for him.

MacLeod is an ignorant fool.

Let's have Robert Spencer explain the situation:
What really needs investigating in light of the murders of Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Tom Jackson is the psychic landscape that Islam provides for a Muslim such as their killer, Smail Ayad. Ayad may indeed have been non-devout and not interested in jihad or Islam in general. But at a moment of distress, at a time of upset and upheaval in his life, he was only able to provide a context for his anger and hatred in Islam and its call for warfare against unbelievers — hence even if his motive was being rejected by Mia Ayliffe-Chung, he screamed “Allahu akbar” and didn’t kill Mia only, but Jackson as well, and attacked police also: his rage at her became a generalized jihad against the Infidels all around him.
That is a scenario worth studying, as it could happen again, anytime, anywhere. But the willfully ignorant and politically correct such as MacLeod and the Independent will never venture into such territory.
[Emphasis mine.]
Islam has been evil since the day it started over 1400 years ago. Today, the real problem is the ignorance and stupidity of Westerners who refuse to understand the nature of our enemy. How can we defeat the nemesis when too many deny its existence?

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