Tuesday, August 23, 2016

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker: "Borders Are the Worst Invention Ever"

"I'm The King Of The World!"

If you were looking for confirmation that there are people out there, unelected people, who are running things, and who want to set up a "New World Order" free of borders, then you just got it.

From the Daily Mail:
Under-fire EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker risked widening divisions with European leaders today by saying borders were the 'worst invention ever'. 
He called for all borders across Europe to be opened, despite the chaos caused over the last year from the flood in refugees fleeing Syria and the wave of terror attacks hitting various continent's cities. 
The remarkable comments will further undermine Mr Juncker's precarious position as European Commission President. 
He has faced repeated calls to quit after his failure to keep Britain in the EU and the refugee and Greek debt crises. 
Today he accepted the Commission 'deserves criticism' but insisted national government's 'have to share the blame'. 
Speaking at the Alpbach Media Academy this morning, Mr Juncker said: 'Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.' 
The contentious remarks from the Brussels chief are the polar opposite of moves by elected leaders of EU member states who have tighten their borders over recent months after more than a million entered the bloc from Syria in less than a year.
Yeah, I remember what the Romanians did to Ceaucescu.