Saturday, August 20, 2016

Muslim Migrants Attack a Restaurant in Italy

Is this how you would expect those “fleeing persecution” to behave?

Germany: Muslim arrested for ISIS plot to explode nail-filled bomb at festival

Backlash over Muslim Call to Kill ‘Every Christian’ in Belgium

France: Muslims vandalize church, leave photo of Nice jihad murderer on altar

Outrage as 22 young girls sexually assaulted at Stockholm music event

Sexual assaults on children as young as SEVEN by Muslim migrants at Greek refugee camps

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Anonymous said...

The situation in America is not far behind as witnessed at Trump's campaign stop in Minneapolis.

Trump supporters run gauntlet to get into Minneapolis Convention Center

Interestingly, there is a print report which unintentionally reveals a bit more surreptitiously, given the images which reveal more were listed but not posted directly with the story likely, in order to keep with the established narrative.

For instance:
<Donald Trump supporters were surrounded by shouting protesters as they left a fundraiser for the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held Friday night at the Minneapolis Convention Center illustrates visibly veiled-wonders and their muscular-mental-midget-beards harassing Trump supporters.

image 3/16 Trump supporters confronted by angry protesters illustrates these 'angry protesters' were veiled creatures as well.

Protesters at a fundraiser for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump this image shows six hooded individuals all donning black - each with bulging backpacks/sacks hovering in a group just outside the entrance to the Trump venue. Security, no where in sight.

2/16 image A family of Trump supporters huddled after being surrounded and yelled at by protesters is a vile and too mild assessment of the experience this family endured as they left the Trump witnessed in this twitter video clip in which the assault on these folks becomes apparent @17 second mark