Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Well Enough

William Fitzsimmons

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Anonymous said...

Obama's Internet Surrender: ICANN GIVEAWAY TO THE UN

WSJ: Internet given away to UN

Here is the Bill

American Thinker: Cruz fights Obama global internet giveaway

Consider the implications by reviewing the current European situation as revealed at Gates of Vienna:
" We don’t hear much in the media, but in Germany dissatisfaction has reached the level where many migrant centers have been burned down. How will this end?
Already there have been more than 700 occasions where migrant centers were burned down. The German media try to keep a lid on these events, and they keep quiet about how much the volume of crime has increased since the arrival of migrants. After the propaganda of “Wilkommenskultur”, now they hurrah over the ”Integration”. everything else has taken a back seat compared to this goal. They try anything to hide the facts: there are serious problems in Germany! I have an acquaintance there who was fired from his job because he wrote on Facebook about how migrants beat up his son and robbed him. His boss told him his services were no longer required because he “instigated” and “shared his Nazi opinions”. Another acquaintance, a Latvian lady living in Berlin, decided to move home to here parents for a couple of weeks because she had had enough of being molested every by migrants. The government cancelled a contract with a company because in the employees’ internal email conversations they made some offensive comments about the migrants. We could continue this ad nauseam because the interior ministry systematically hunts down those who post something negative about the migrants or question Merkel’s official migrant policies. For now this has successfully blocked the sharing of negative experiences, such as those of molested women, could not expect any help, and many man were even afraid to help when they witnessed an attack, fearing they will be charged with acting arbitrarily, so they would rather wait for a police response. Other countries are different. For example, in Russia a bunch of Afghanis ended up in hospital because the attacked persons were helped by passersby."