Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sweden: 40 sexual assaults at music festival, all by Muslim migrants

From Jihad Watch:
The music festival “We are Stockholm”, the number of sexual assaults on girls has doubled compared to last year. This was reported by Stockholm police on request of Free Times. 
“And more is yet to come,” said police spokesman Mats Eriksson. 
To date, the police received no less than 40 reports of sexual assaults at the Stockholm Youth Event. “And more is yet to come. 
Last year there were 20 and now there are since this morning already 40,” says press spokesman Mats Eriksson of the Stockholm police. 
According to a report of the police were all sex offenders of foreign origin, particularly men from Afghanistan and Morocco last year. 
Also this year the visitors of the festival were almost exclusively male asylum immigrants and Swedish girls. 
A visitor reported our newspaper that he had almost not a single male Sweden seen at the festival. “I was about an hour there and saw three Swedish guys”. 
The Gothenburg journalist Joakim Lamotte was on Thursday at the festival. On Facebook, he wrote that “large groups of men” in front of the stage surrounded young girls and then groped them…. 
Mats Eriksson reported the majority of victims of assaults are girls 15 to 17. 
“Then still there are some who were older than 18 and some were even younger than 15,” he says….


Always On Watch said...

I'm betting that most Americans have never heard of Taharrush.

At the rate the Islamification of America is proceeding, some American females are going to find out firsthand!?

Anonymous said...

The races have never mixed successfully in any country in the world. The only reason it hasn't exploded into race wars in the West is because of the massive transfer of wealth from white to minorities to buy the peace. And when the money soon runs out?