Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tunisian Vlogger Begs The West To Obliterate Islam

He blames the problem on our friendship with the Saudi and Qatari Kings.

I would add Iran to that. However, as our friend, Niconarg points out, Shias do not, generally, do Individual Jihad.

On the other hand, Iran funds Sunni terrorism, through it's support of Hamas. So, I don't know whether it's quite true that the Shia are not, also, virulent Jihadists.

So yeah, I'd throw Iran in there too.

Our problem is we support the very leaders of the Muslim world who support our destruction. They then turn out and hand a good deal of the money we give them to the Preachers of Jihad who call for our deaths.

How fucking stupid are we?

Trump for President. He is our last hope to NOT have to do what this man calls for; Go Nuclear on Mecca.

I do not think that's a reasonable option.

I'm sure many of our readers would beg to differ.


Anonymous said...

We cannot blame our friendship with Iran because there has been and there will never be friendship with Iran in spite of all the efforts made by BHO. But Iran is a terrorist state and will support anybody who is an enemy of the West. They are MUSLIMS. They may be of the Shiia variety, but Muslims in the end. And after they are done with the West and Israel, even having to join forces with the Sunnis, they will turn on each other, and hopefully none of them will survive. And that should put a nice bow on the end of humanity.

Apres mois le deluge!

Pastorius said...

We may not be friends with them, but we sure are not putting a stop to their "nuclear ambitions", are we?

Anonymous said...

But this is the work of BHO, his entire administration, and the treasonous opposition. As far as I know (although what do we really know?) this is the first administration to negotiate with Iran after 1979.