Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Understand your enemy

A new study based on interviews conducted over social media with foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria raises doubts about the commonly held notion that young men in North America and Europe who are drawn to violent Islamic extremism must be marginalized loners looking for an alternative to their dead-end lives.
The theory is ridiculous but it does allow politicians to blame the West; if only we were compassionate and thoughtful and nice to these fragile flowers, then they wouldn't have cracked and slaughtered innocents.

Notice, how the Religion That Must Not Be Named remains unmentioned. Of course, reality will, sooner or later, hit you like a sledgehammer.
The report repeatedly stresses the finding that, based on what fighters themselves say, they are “pulled” to Iraq and Syria by religious ideas, rather than being “pushed” by the realities of their lives in the West. “None of our sample indicated coming from familial situations of poverty or marginality,” they say. “On the contrary, many indicated they had fairly happy and privileged, or at least comfortable, childhoods. In general, there was almost no discussion of the economic situation of their families.”
Financially poor Muslims don't fly planes into buildings. They don't travel the globe to fight against the infidels. They don't have high-speed internet from which they get their evil education.

Genuinely poor Muslims are too busy not starving to death every day.

It's usually pampered scum like Osama Bin Laden who have too much time and comfort to plan, and then put in motion, their atrocities.

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Anonymous said...

Bat Ye'or, scholar of dhimmitude addresses the history of prior self-denigrating civilizations with the following quote from her 2013 book compiling 31 talks and lectures on the topic of "Understanding Dhimmitude" pp 27:

"...Historical research requires liberty: the liberty to write the darker pages of oppression and injustice, as well as the brighter times. Jewish and Christian dhimmi communities (that is to say, Jews and Christians who lived under Islamic rule) were hardly in a position to describe and analyze their darker periods openly, since this would have offended Muslims by implying that Muslim law, or Muslim rule, was unjust or defective. Such criticism was severely forbidden under Islamic law.
The dhimmi peoples were unable to perceive the diverse aspects of their own history, because history - like culture - is a fundamental aspect of freedom, and dhimmi peoples were only tolerated by Islamic rulers as subjected populations."

Clearly, current trends indicate sanitized history repeats rather than learning from actual historic evidence....refusing to address the heinous insult of Islam upon Western civilization.