Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Al Qaeda in America

For quite some time, Jeffrey Epstein of America's Truth Forum, Joe Kaufman of Front Page Magazine, and I have been monitoring a website based in Ohio that appears to be the "official" site of one of the UK's leading Al Qaeda terrorists.

We posted the article today. If you're interested in seeing how a mild-mannered innocuous-looking real estate website can also be home to virulent, anti-western propaganda calling for the murder of Kuffars (that would be us!) then you'll want to read this article.

In a war that is being fought in Cyberspace as well as on the battlefield,
it is common to find calls for attacks on westerners deeply embedded in US

Abu Musa’ab Al Suri, widely credited as the chief of Al Qaeda
in the UK, has his official website buried inside a real estate website owned by
a man in the US town in Solon, OH.

Internet records show that the
website for the For Sale By Owner Association, FSBOA.COM, is owned by American
Capital Funding, and has as its administrative contact a man named Alan Isham.

What connection, if any, does the owner of the real estate site, have
with the notorious Abu Mus’ab al Suri, one of Al Qaeda’s top ideagogues? (Al
Suri, whose real name is Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, and who also is called Umar
Abd al-Hakim, had a $5 million reward on his head by the US government, and is
now reportedly in US custody.)

We’re not sure.

But it does
appear that a website which Isham controls is home to Al Suri’s own website. In
an article published in March 2006 about Abu Mus’ab al Suri, the Jamestown
Foundation described the site located at http://www.fsboa.com/vw as “his own
website al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya al-‘Alamiyya, ("The International Islamic
Resistance") hosting his works and statements”. (Source:

Link: http://blog.lauramansfield.com/2006/08/29/uncovering-al-qaeda-websites-in-america.aspx


Pastorius said...

Welcome Laura. Glad to have you here helping us out.

Pastorius said...

There is a company called American Capital Funding based out of Sherman Oaks, CA. They are a big advertiser on radio across the nation, if I am not mistaken.

I wonder if the two companies are related.

I would swear ForSaleByOwner.com is also a large corporation. It seems strange to me that, if I am correct and these two companies are both large companies, that they would have closed down a main office in Ohio, and left no forwarding phone number.