Saturday, August 26, 2006

CAIR ALERT: American Women Convert to Islam

They are kidding right? Opening up my radical Islamic CAIR alerts necessitates my squinting, turning my head sideways, and peeking as you would at something really vile. Radical Islamic CAIR and the jihad media (in this case PEOPLE swagazine) is exalting the conversion of Judeo-Christian American women to Islam? Just listen to Phyllis Chelser here in our interview, detailing life as an American woman in a Muslim country;

A growing number of American women find a safe haven by embracing an ancient faith
People, 9/4/06

Angela Collins was among the millions of travelers inconvenienced a few weeks ago when British authorities announced the breakup of a conspiracy to destroy U.S.-bound airliners. The ban on passengers carrying liquids made her trip from South America "gross," to say the least. "You can't wash your face, you can't brush your teeth," she says. The incident also brought her more important concerns.

As we speak another American Airlines flight is being diverted to Bangor Maine

BurkaAt least two of those arrested in London were converted Muslims, like Collins herself. Yet their actions were so far removed from the religion she loves. "There are those converts who choose the extreme tract, which means they are angry about the way things are working in the world without Islamic law," she says. "It's the opposite of what drew me into Islam." What drew her in, says the 30-year-old school director with pale blue eyes, was a religion that made her feel cared for, something she felt she missed growing up as a latchkey child. The Council on American-Islamic Relations estimates that some 20,000 Americans convert to Islam each year, with women outnumbering men approximately four to one. According to Georgetown professor Yvonne Haddad, coauthor of Muslim Women in America, some, like Collins, are inspired by the rules of the Koran, which they find empowering. Some are seeking a community that endorses a woman's more traditional role as homemaker. Others are purely on a spiritual quest. "I think Americans should see them as women who have found themselves," says Haddad.

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Anonymous said...

The number of Judeo-Christians claimed to convert to Islam each year (be it 20,000 or 200,000 or maybe even 200,000,000 - it makes no difference) is probably about as accurate as statistics for tractor production under Stalin.

Huge sums in petrodollars are being sent to the west for Muslim dawa (missionary activities) with many lavishly funded Islamic outreach organisations and events.

With so much money being thrown around, it just HAS to be having an effect. Of course it has.

Especially when most of the converts are young, blonde, blue-eyed ex-kaffirettes who will excite an old oil-sheikh's fantasies.

Anonymous said...

The number of converts to Islam for this year now totals 9,000,000,002 ...

"Two kidnapped Fox journalists have appeared on a new videotape released by their captors today in the Gaza Strip. The reporters said on the recording they had converted to Islam, Fox News Channel said."


'There is no compulsion in religion' - Allah Akhbar!

ziontruth said...

Fresh from my photosh-oven:

"Burka burka, Aisha hijab!"

On here because it's the most appropriate, what with the pic and all... ;-)