Thursday, August 31, 2006

Storm Track Intimidation: Europe’s Continuous Descent Into Dhimmitude

From The Gathering Storm

"The horror line" is how train conductors refer to line 124 between Brussels and Charleroi according to the Brussels Journal one of the few MSM outlets in Europe that sees the cultural jihad threat before it.

“For years now it has been controlled by ruthless gangs of youths. [...] “There are incidents every day. One conductor has been beaten up 33 times already. None of us has the courage to check the tickets. Asking someone for their ticket is asking for a beating”, say half a dozen train conductors who are testifying anonymously for fear of being fired by the NMBS [Belgian Rail], the [state owned] national railway company. …The situation has been tense for years, but for the past six months many conductors have been refusing to emerge from the driver’s cabin and leave the train to the gangs. “It’s a pity for the passengers, but we are fed up.”

Fed up indeed. I said in this blog before that one of the three fronts in this war against Islamism is the coming civil war in Europe. The socialist European leadership is content to let the infiltration, intimidation and disinformation of the Islamist slowly bring European civilization to its knees and join the happy family of the Islamic nations.

But the European public will one day, some day, respond to the Islamist threat – and civil war in the streets and villages of Europe will result.

The dhimmitude of Europe continues apace. Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alima believes that Hezbollah is not merely a terrorist group as if their good works in Lebanon excuses them from the fact that they are a murderous organization that wantonly kills innocent Israelis and seeks to annihilate Israel. Britain’s race relations chief defends the right of Muslims to open their own schools.

“In remarks that put him at odds with Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, Trevor Phillips said that Muslims had as much right as other religious groups to educate their children according to their beliefs. Last weekend Ms Kelly said the Government had to stamp out Muslim schools that were trying to change British society to fit Islamic views.

Ms Kelly is correct. She sees the threat of Islamist teaching their young jihadis hate for the Jew, for Israel and the very country they live in. But the dhmimmis say let it continue.

Phillips said: “What the proponents of this view really want to say is one of two things. One, a perfectly valid view, is that religion should be banned from the public sphere and practiced only in private if at all. “The other, not at all valid in my view, is that Muslims can’t be trusted to run schools, like Christians have done for centuries

Umm. Yes. They can’t be trusted. Look at the recent history of the preaching and teachings in mosques and Muslim schools. This is where the home grown terrorist of Britain received part of the education of hate.

One of the best analyses of the European dhimmi problem was a recent article by Serge Trifkov. He shows how Europeans are being forced to accept and accommodate Islam, based on the disingenuous notion that Islam is superior to European culture .Instead demanding Muslims assimilate European countries and adhere to shared Western values they are facilitating the emergence of an Islamist state within their own countries, by implementing programs and legislation aimed to accommodate Muslim religious, social and political demands. The European Union is becoming the European ummah as Europeans are being forced by their leadership to accommodate Islam.

“The emerging transnational hyper-state is actively indoctrinating its subject-population into believing and accepting that the demographic shift in favor of Muslim aliens is actually a blessing that enriches the Old Continent’s culturally deprived and morally unsustainable societies. Europe is losing the ability to define and defend itself, to the benefit of unassimilable multitudes filled with contempt for the host-society…..Many Muslims in Europe already consider themselves de facto autonomous, a community of believers opposed to the broader society of infidels……Most Muslims in Europe live in a parallel universe that has very little to do with the host country. Their mindset has nothing but contempt for the liberal concept of “tolerance” and “diversity,” and they possess a disdainful and hostile attitude to the host-society……But since the dictum of the multiculturalist ruling elite is that Islam is peaceful, tolerant, and as European as the Sistine Chapel, the truth must not be spoken.”

We in America think we are immuned to the effects of this European dhimmitude but think again. Whose citizens pose a bigger terror threat to the security of the United States today? Saudi Arabia? Iran? Syria? Pakistan?

Nope. It’s Britain. We’ve seen how home grown terror groups have immerged from the Muslim community in Britain and this poses a big terror threat to the US. The United States government is being pressed to review its visa requirements for visitors from the UK amid claims that British Muslims are being recruited by Islamic terror groups. A recent news article in the Daily Mail said:

“An article in the New Republic, a respected liberal American magazine, describes what amounts to a worrying gap in US security that could be exploited by extremists. Citing the recent discovery of an alleged plot by British-born Muslims to attack flights bound for the US, it claims they could use their UK passports to evade border controls and attack America.”

If Europe and particularly Britain does not begin to resist the ideology of the Islamification of their countries, we won’t have to worry about screening illegal entrants to the US. Potential terrorists will be welcomed with open arms as friendly allies.

“The article warns: "For terrorist organisations like al-Qa'eda - which in the years since American troops deposed the Taliban, has reconstituted itself in Pakistan - ethnic Pakistanis living in the UK make perfect recruits, since they speak English and can travel on British passports. "Indeed, in the wake of this month's high-profile arrests, it can now be argued that the biggest threat to US security emanates not from Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather from Great Britain, our closest ally."

Ask not for whom the bell tolls – it tolls for US.


Frank said...

"descent" is spelled wrong in the title.

Quetzal said...

Is this the EU we, Romanians, really want to join? I wouldn't think so. Call me an euroskeptic - that's NOT where I want to go.

On the other hand, maybe we should go there. By the millions - us, the Bulgarians, the Czecs, the Polish, the Serbs a.s.o. Our inflow might help dillute the Islamistan settlers' "oil spots" and hamper the "oil spot strategy" they employ.

But of course, the UK fears Eastern Europeans more than it fears Muslims...