Sunday, August 27, 2006

If I had only known...

...that the vast rightwing conspiracy was willing to pay me to talk about how odious the leftwing was, I would have started much sooner.

Tim Boucher is on to us:

I can really imagine having a team of like 5 people working for a PR company who spend like 40+ hours a week writing blog posts. Perhaps each person would distribute their entries over like 10 different fictional blogger identities. They could write on things like news stories, political agendas, different products, all kinds of crap. Each of their fictional blogger identities could talk about roughly the same set of topics, but from a slightly different perspective - but each retaining whatever essential core elements they are trying to describe. I imagine it would bre pretty effective too, that 50 reasonably well-written and frequently-updated blogs would have a fairly wide audience and impact on an audience, which would expand outward in a ripple effect, especially if they were aggressively cross-commenting on real people's blogs as well.

Unfortunately no one in the vast rightwing conspiracy has offered me so much as a wooden nickle yet, so this is your chance. Hey Haliburton...Bushoilwhore conspiracy? Pat Robertson? Hello? Is anybody listening? I could really use some cash and I don't see any in my mailbox.

1 comment:

Pastorius said...

Well, that's just not the way it works.

what's really going on here is that Epaminondas is sending out his evil Jew rays and influencing all of us to write these posts.