Saturday, August 26, 2006

An Indictment against Islam

Reading our recent article about the laughably, unintentionally-ironically named “Islamic Human Rights Commission” and their legal jihad in the UK got me thinking. (Editor’s note-- Islam gives individuals only one ‘human right’, and that is to be an expendable slave of Allah. Some right, eh?)

Why can’t we infidels use the same tactics against the enemy that the Jihadists are currently using against us? Why must we ceaselessly endure a situation where our own legal system is used as yet another weapon of the Great Islamic Jihad? The jihadists’ use of our own courts in their Holy War on the infidels is deliberate, and is also known as “lawfare”, with groups like the ACLU as their willing and eager accomplices.

I say, let’s turn the tables and use the courts to defend ourselves for a change. And the best defense is usually a good offense.We need lots of attorneys to start filing numerous lawsuits against Muslims. Muslim governments, Muslim “interest groups” like CAIR, Muslim “charities”, religious organizations, Muslim banks, Muslim-owned companies, and so on, are all legitimate targets for our proposed legal counter-jihad.

Now, what should our legal counter-jihad charge the enemy with? Well, the PI team has a few ideas about that. Although the PI blogging team has precious little, if any, actual legal experience, we feel that we do have some good ammo to offer the lawyers. Hence the following…

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