Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Storm Track Disinformation: Comic Response or Common Sense?

From The Gathering Storm

Wanna hear something funny? Terrorism is reaching comic proportions. At least that’s what a Turkish online newspaper thinks.

Their article “US Terror Paranoia Taking Comic Proportions” seriouslystates:

“Pronunciation of the word “bomb” in American airports can lead to arrest and flight delays. Different versions of this paranoia have created a “comedy-like terror panic,” which delayed seven U.S.-bound flights in just one day. Another plane was forced to land after it was discovered that the mirror in one of the lavatories was not properly secured, and in another event, passengers were made to wait in an airport for hours because of the panic caused by a screaming child that refused to get on a plane. A false bomb threat forced another plane to land urgently and the discovery of an unclaimed knife in an empty seat caused “terror paranoia” on another flight.”

Their version of the comedy goes on and details other recent “comedy-like terror panic” incidents. A real side splitter, huh? Is our response more comic response or common sense? Or perhaps the Daily Telegraph has it right.

“No one should be surprised to learn that Australians want a tougher response to global terror for one simple reason - the Islamofascists who started this war show no sign of bringing their attacks on the civilized world to an end.”

Are we acting out of some irrational fear of current events? Maybe not. Here, according to the Telegraph, is what common sense tells us.

  • Iran and Syria's backing of the terrorist group Hezbollah in its recent ill-fated war on democratic Israel and the refusal of many Islamic nations to recognise Israel's right to exist only further demonstrate the irrational nature of the fundamentalist Islamic ideology driving the overwhelming majority of today's international terrorist groups.
  • Hezbollah's hated flag has been waved at demonstrations in Melbourne and Sydney and masked protesters have echoed the calls of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for the total destruction of Israel.
  • Australian civilians have been mercilessly slaughtered in two unprovoked attacks on holidaymakers in Bali, the Australian Embassy in Jakarta has been targeted and fanatical Muslims living in Australia have attempted to justify such murder.
  • Around the world, Arabic television stations relentlessly beam anti-Semitic, anti-Western propaganda at an audience largely made up of illiterate Muslim children and adolescents.
  • On Palestinian television, children as young as three are exhorted to admire killers who have torn living people apart, licked their victims' blood and eaten their warm flesh.

Seems like fear of these people is common sense for any rational human being - especially when European poll after poll shows an increase in fear of Islam and the reasons why.

I think we will see more and not less of people exercising their common sense like the ‘sane munity’ of those passengers who refused to board their flight to take off until two men they feared were terrorists were forcibly removed. I don't think they found those characters funny at all.

People will exercise their common sense when they feel t heir government lacks the will to protect them and as the old saying goes, “People will vote with their feet”. In the case of the sane mutinies, those feet will refuse to ride with people they deem a threat to their’s and their family’s lives.

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Pastorius said...

Those people who walked off that airplane in Englad fired the first shots of the Great European Civil War.

Europe will fracture down three lines in my opinion. The people vs. their government and the Islamofascists in their midst.

Will it be bloody? That depends on which side the government takes. If the government sides with the people, then great blooshed can be averted.

If the government sides with the Islamofascists there will be a terrible war in the streets of Europe.