Monday, August 28, 2006

Storm Track Appeasement: This Week’s Useful Idiot

From The Gathering Storm

This week’s squawking from the Leftist useful idiot comes from Austrian Parliament Speaker Andreas Khol.Khol claimed Austrians could live in peace with Muslims, and added, “We are all human and we all should be able to live together in peace.”

Cumbia! Cum-bia!!

Khol said he enjoyed visiting a mosque every month and having the opportunity to speak with Muslims. Years ago, we invited Turks to our country because we needed them. Therefore, Austria is the Turks’ fatherland.

The fatherland! Some Austrians never change. Then little cultural conundrum from Khol.

“If we put a ban on headscarves, some radicals would demand a ban on wearing a cross and a nun’s habits.” That remark is so idiotic it doesn’t deserve a reply.

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