Thursday, August 31, 2006

BBC's Suggestion

Just caught an ad for this upcoming show on the BBC, Al Qaeda: Time To Talk. Here's what they have to say about the programme-

Reporter Peter Taylor has spent five years since 9/11 investigating Al Qaeda in Britain and around the world.

In the first of two special investigations, Taylor concludes that Iraq has become the dominant radicalising and recruiting force for many muslims and that British support for US foreign policy has made Britain a prime target.

With the so called 'War on Terror' far from won and the August's chaos at UK airports, is it time to consider a new approach?

To try and end the violence, is it time to engage with Al Qaeda?

I wonder what exactly they would have us say to Al Qaeda? "We surrender"? Is there anything else they would be satisfied hearing from us? I guess I'll have to tune in on 3rd September to see exactly how the BBC thinks we should be running the war on terror.

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Anonymous said...


"The Government, in its first flush of multiculturalism, allowed new exclusive faith schools to be established and funded by the state.[SNIP] ....There are 100 Muslim schools waiting to apply. Their entrance criteria are explicit: the purpose is to create a total Muslim personality, and the required familiarity with the Koran means that non-Muslims would not be acceptable."

So that's the government's cunning plan. If we train enough British-born kids to be terrorists we won't need to rely on al-Qaeda. That'll help put the ragheads out of business. British terrorists, like British football thugs, will then be the best in the world!

Allah Akhbar!!!!