Saturday, August 26, 2006

A New Caliphate

One of the arguments that some moderate Muslims have expoused is that violence is not permitted in their religion, unless mandated by the ruler of the Caliphate. It' s a claim that has been made to me during my internet travels on more than one occasion. Osama Bin Laden or the like, they say, do not have the authority to call for jihad- only the Caliph can do that. I wonder then how they will react to the news that a group is now attempting to create an Islamic Caliphate in Gaza?

Meanwhile, a radical Islamic group called Hizb al-Tahrir (Liberation Party) is planning to declare the birth of an Islamic caliphate in the Gaza Strip on Friday. The relatively small party, which is seen as more extreme than Hamas, is said to have increased its popularity following what is perceived as a Hizbullah victory over Israel.

On Tuesday, thousands of the party’s supporters staged a demonstration in Gaza City to mark the anniversary of the end of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. It was the first demonstration in the Gaza Strip in which demonstrators called for establishing an Islamic caliphate that would rule not only in the PA territories, but the entire world.

Buoyed by the large turnout, the party’s leaders are now considering declaring an Islamic caliphate in the Gaza Strip during Friday prayers, sources close to the party said.

If this new Caliphate calls for Muslims all over the world to wage jihad on the infidels what, I wonder, will the moderates have to say about it?

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