Monday, August 28, 2006

Vast Leftwing Iceberg

We all have different opinions of Bush, and mine is that he is doiong to best he can under difficult circumstances. I disagree with his stand on illegal immigration, but on the other hand North America has not suffered another attack, in spite of numerous attacks in Europe and Asia, even though The Great Satan is the preferred target. In any event he has certainly done better than either of the Hisn'Her Clintons would have done.

However, some people don't feel that way, and presumably because they lack the skills to voice their feelings know...stuff like words...they feel the need to attack Bush in other ways.

If you type "failure" into google, you'll pull up the official biography of George W. Bush. I wondered if perhaps this was the new 5% Saudi ownership flexing its muscle, but someone at Dan Simmons Forums pointed out that this is known as a "google bomb". Apparently it takes a fair number of links, so is this the tip of the Vast Leftwing Iceberg...oops I mean Conspiracy? Is this the best they can do? Perhaps we ought to bomb Clinton with Hisn'Her with " fellatio" and "bad hair day" respectively? Oh, wait...we prefer to actually argue with words an' sech instead of childish games...



Anonymous said...

Right-wingers can play the same game. Try googling for 'fuckwit'

Frank said...

free cyprus: My opinion on what? a bunch of pictures and bodycounts?