Saturday, August 26, 2006

Storm Track Disinformation: Understanding Mulsim Language

From The Gathering Storm

Ran across this blog today by a Svend White who writes on observations on Islam, America and international affairs from an unapologetic liberal and a proud American Muslim. Note the word ‘unapologetic – i.e. an apologist and appeaser.

His most recent blog on understanding how muslims speak and what they mean was picked up by Alt.muslim. In a satirical vein, Mr. White lampoons the media for their inability to understand what muslims say and what they mean. In the process he inadvertently provides a perfect list of what muslims say today and what they do mean.

Rule 1: Muslims always speak truthfully and literally… When a muslim says he’ll kill you, he means it.
Rule 2: ...except when they're lying to trick you.
Rule 3: Muslim words apply to all times and places.
Rule 4: Deep down, Muslims are always thinking about (and yearning for) violence.
Rule 5: It's always "jihad".

Mr. White, I couldn’t have said it any better.

But the real kicker and one that shows his true lack or understanding of the difference between Islam and other religions was the blog entries entitled The Da Vinci protests, or Christians get their "cartoons". He writes:

“Speaking of the "Da Vinci Code", protests by offended Christians, particularly Catholics, are happening around the world. Many are calling for it to be banned, censored, or accompanied by a disclaimer noting that it is a work of fiction. Deja vu all over again. It'll be interesting to see how many of those who loudly denounced Muslims for supposedly imposing their religious values during the cartoon controversy will speak out against the attempts of some Christians to impose their values on the world.”

Amazing! Simply amazing! The ignorance of the man! Mr. White, I haven’t seen rabid Catholics burning American flags in the street, killing those who don’t believe in Christianity, or burning down buildings protesting this “cartoon”. To even dare to draw and analogy between the response of the two is outrageous and shows either your total lack of understanding – or perhaps just a feeble attempt at defend the atrocious behavior of muslims in response to the simple and inane cartoons of Mohammed.

Oh yes, I forgot. You were referring to rule # 4.


The Objectivist Club at UCI said...

yes, we have some crazies in the U.S. One night at my old job I was helping a lady out to her car, and was telling me that she used to fast because Jesus did. (WTF?)

She talked to be about her crazy religion for about 30 mins. She told me that the makers of the Da Vinci Code were going to feel God's wrath, and so would I if I saw it.

She remarked that Muslims burned buildings over cartoons, and that Christians should do something simular about the film.

So she told me passages from the Bible and cried two times. This was probably THE ONE TIME I had sympathy for a religious person: she was old, said she might have a life-threatening disease, and she was borned and raised in Texas.

Frank said...

Christianity is not even in the same ballpark as Islam. When someone can show me evidence that Christ embarked on Holy Wars, had opponents killed, slaughtered 3 tribes of Jews and raped a number of women, then topped it off by claiming God told him to do it, I'll get down on my hands and knees and kiss Ahmadjabbawonki's ass.

Demosthenes said...

I think I can say that I am a fanatic secularist, and I use to harbor all sorts of hatreds against the Christian Right. Then, one day, I understood Islam, and I realized that I had overestimated the evil of Christianity. Now, I just want to defend Christianity as part of Western culture. I still want to protect America's secular habits, but we have to appreciate that Christianity has been a reasonable enemy rather than an insane jerk as Islam would be.