Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nemesis: The West

Immigrant Muslims would come to exercise a virtual monopoly over the definition of a properly constituted Islamic life in America. For these Muslims, the nemesis was not white supremacy, but "the West." In their eyes, the West was not a racial, but a religious and civilization threat.

The above is a portion of a review on the book "Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Toward the Third Resurrection" by Sherman A. Jackson. Its found, not in some seedy backroom of a Jihadist madrassa, but on, an emminently "moderate" Islamic online bookstore recommended by the Igra Islamic School in Surrey, BC, Canada. Nor is this book an exception on the site. Here is another, starker, challenge to our values:

"Blending history, spirituality and activism, this young American Muslim author shares his desire toward a new and brighter reality, emphasizing "ijtihad," which mandates that Muslims exercise cognitive ingenuity in taking ownership of America and helping solve American challenges."

Of course Astrolabe has its fair share feelgood religious pap like that found in Christian bookstores, but the type of anti-Western diatribe found above is rarely seen in contemporary Christian literature.

None of this is against civil law in most Western countries of course, and I will be the first to support free speech, whatever that speech says, but it is an indication that moderate Islam is the real danger we face. The so-called "moderates" play good cop to the Islamist bad cops, making demands and gaining concessions in return for grudgingly "condemning" terrorism. Relatively benign "requests" slip by almost un-noticed, "family law" modifications allowing limited adoption of Sharia being only one of many. It is becoming increasingly impossible to open any "moderate" Islamic site anywhere without finding some kind of subtle or not-so subtle attack on either the West or its values, and more and more "moderate" Islamic organizations are making open demands for change.

It is time we stood up for the West instead of flagellating ourselves for the largely imagined sins of our forefathers. It can't be that hard to do; look at the majesty of Canada and compare it to the shitholes Islam came from. Absent oil money Islamic states would almost across the board reside at a level with the lowest of basketcase nations of Africa and the Muslim populations of Asia would still be at the lowest strata of society, as they are now for the most part. It is time to baldly tell Muslims that if they don't like it here they ought to go away, because we DO like it here. It is not our responsibility to change, it is theirs.

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Pastorius said...

Great post, ScottSA.

I think it is true that the fruits produced by Islam are countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. This is clear, because those are the countries which follow Islam most stringently.

Why the hell would we want to adopt the principles of an ideology which produced those two pathetic excuses for civilization?