Thursday, August 31, 2006

Storm Track Appeasement: Hope Over Experience

From The Gathering Storm

The saying goes that a second marriage is the conquest of hope over experience. That adage applies 100 percent to the following story out of Australia.

Here's the experience.

Several hardcore Islamists have been invited to a taxpayer-funded Muslim leader’s conference run by the Howard Government. The hardliners who have been invited to the conference, believed to cost taxpayers around $300,000, practice Wahabbism, a fundamentalist teaching of Islam that is preached by Osama bin Laden, and inspired by the fanatical Taliban regime in Afghanistan.€

Here's the hope.

The Prime Minister's Muslim advisory board chairman, Ameer Ali, says invitations to the Conference of Australian Muslim Religious Leaders next month were sent to extremist clerics including the ultra-radical Sheik Abdul Salam Mohammed Zoud, The Australian newspaper reported today. Dr Ali said the aim was to help bring the clerics into the mainstream. Once you marginalize these people, keep them outside the fold, then they will continue with their opposition and with their radical ideas, Dr Ali told the newspaper. “Once they come into the fold and realize that the vast majority, mainstream imams are against those views and they are minority views, there's a good chance of them turning to new views (on) life.€

Really? I wonder what the chances are of converting the Wahabbies to €˜mainstream Islam?. Wanna take bets?


Jason Pappas said...

Why does this sound familiar? "Brought into the mainstream, reformed, become legitimate" … where did we hear that before? Arafat & Oslo? “Just give him power and he’ll reform.” Or “Hamas will change when it has to provide services.”

Appeasement never works ... some just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Appeasement will never work, not against religious creeds that are non-negotiable. Even the most sophisticated, olympian mind flips and twists will not convince the uttterly mindless.

I'm convinced it is no sense anymore trying to convince the Islamic terrorists of their evil ways, not even the Islamic "moderates", but the American citizen and Tea Partier needs to see how the corruption works in the minds of academia.

Maybe my cartoon is along the right path.