Thursday, August 31, 2006

The root of problems from Islam is Islam itself

Liberty and Justice's newest co-blogger Muslihoon immediately published a truly marvelous post regarding the nature of Islam and why calling for a 'different interpretation' might be difficult to achieve.

In the latest edition of The International Jerusalem Post (no. 2391), there is an excellent article on Wafa Sultan ("Her 15 minutes: Is Wafa Sultan the voice of reason or Islam's false messiah?" by Brenda Gazzar, pp. 10-11 of the aforementioned edition of The International Jerusalem Post).

In it is written:
Much of the controversy that surrounds Sultan comes from her opinion that Islam and the Koran - not its interpretation by Muslims - are "the source of every problem we have in the Middle East" including the disrespectful way she argues women and non-Muslims are treated in Islamic culture.

This is a significant point. Proponents of moderate Islam claim that the problem resides in the interpretation of Islam's fundamental sources (which comprise of the Qur'ān, ahadīth, sunnah, and sharī'ah): change the interpretation and the problem is solved! But this is not entirely correct.

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Epaminondas said...

Not to worry, you can be assured that this troublesome apostate person is condemned by estrogen to be ignored by Tantawi et al