Sunday, August 27, 2006

Belgium Watch 2006: "Youths" On The Tracks

"Youths" are terrorizing whole train lines in Belgium:

A quote from the Brussels newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws [Belgium’s largest daily], 25 August 2006

“The horror line” is how train conductors refer to line 124 between Brussels and Charleroi. For years now it has been controlled by ruthless gangs of youths. [...] “There are incidents every day. One conductor has been beaten up 33 times already. None of us has the courage to check the tickets. Asking someone for their ticket is asking for a beating”, say half a dozen train conductors who are testifying anonymously for fear of being fired by the NMBS [Belgian Rail], the [state owned] national railway company. [...]

The situation has been tense for years, but for the past six months many conductors have been refusing to emerge from the driver’s cabin and leave the train to the gangs. “It’s a pity for the passengers, but we are fed up.”

Just a reminder to the government of Belgium: We here at Infidel Bloggers Alliance are keeping an eye on you. We see that you are weak, yet you try to make up for your weakness by harrassing good citizens like Paul Belien.

Look at this, "youths" create chaos on a train line everyday, and you do nothing about it. That's because you are scared and weak. Oh, but you are tough enough to harrass Paul Belien with trumped-up bullshit.

Let me give you a warning: When "youths" (and we all know who those "youths" are) can take over a whole train line from the control of a goverment, it will not be long until the people get fed up with having to live in fear in their own, once-peaceful country. They will begin to have great anger at the government which has allowed all these "youths" to immigrate unchecked into their country.

What do you think will happen as more and more of the people of your country begin to feel as if they are no longer safe in their homeland?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Belgium government, Infidel Blogger's Alliance is watching you!!

Do your job and protect your citizens!

And leave the upstanding citizens, like Paul Belien, alone!

Anonymous said...

It's time the government let the police do her work again. When you know that Brussels the police may not prosecute harassing, vandalism, and other minor crimes like shoplifting... It's not strange that gangs are starting to operate frequently and unpunished. The fear of the government, for statistics that show that immigrants are more criminal, makes that same goverment tie up the hands of the police. The police here is frustrated with that tieing, being impossible to do their work. It's not only the trains.
In october there are elections. Hope the partys that are in power get a beating. They're only municipial, it will not change to much. But more and more people are switching left to right, regret there naivity, see a future war with Islam as inevitable.

Always On Watch said...

"Youths"? "Youths"? The news reports just won't say WHAT KIND of youths!

more and more people are switching left to right, regret there naivity, see a future war with Islam as inevitable.

These switchers need to stand up and be counted immediately. Anger is simmering below the surface--and I'm not referring just to Muslim anger.

mts said...

I have to ask, where the hell is the union? On a continent where everyone who punches a clock for a living is in one, what do the railroad union reps have to say about this? If the conductor's butt is sore from sitting, they'd clamor for a cushion for his chair all right. But for dealing with "yutes", they shut up. A conductor getting a beat-down 33 times? The g**d*** grievanceman should've been screaming bloody hell 32 beatings ago.

I'd say issue straight razors to all conductors along with a union issue shaving kit, and state it's simply for displaying a more professional appearance by getting a closer shave, that's all, a tool, not a weapon, but I'm a bastard caught in a moment of "soutside Chicago" sense and sensibility, and I recommend violence against no one, no matter how richly they deserve some street (or in this case, rail) justice.

Anonymous said...

Union, the Unions are drowned in PC. In fact, they show loopholes in law to immigrants, how to reach very fast social welfare and abide for citizenship. Don't expect anything from them. It are these unions, in their fight agaiinst capitalism who reached out for Islamism as an ally. Doing something when it goes wrong, will only put themselves in fault. So their option is Denial.