Friday, August 25, 2006

Storm Track Infiltration: The Useful Idiots Strike Again

From The Gathering Storm

Question: Javed Iqbal, 42, was recently arrested for re-broadcasting an Hezbollah propaganda TV station in Brooklyn, NY. The US Treasury Department has branded the TV station, al-Mana, a terrorist entity and froze the US assets of the station in March, saying it supported fund-raising and recruitment activities of Hezbollah. What is his defense?

Answer: Iqbal had done no wrong and his arrest is as a violation of his free-speech rights, stated his Useful Idiot defense lawyers. Here’s their rationale for Iqbal’s act of sedition.

"It's like the government of Iran saying we are going to ban the New York Times because we think of it as a terrorist outfit, or China saying we will ban CNN," said Farhan Memon, a spokesman for the law firm Ndanusa and Davis, which is representing Iqbal.

Can you believe the twisted logic? But wait a minute. Aren't CNN and the NYT firends to the Islamists – they offer aid and comfort to the enemy with their slanted and ‘leaky’ reporting.

News to the Useful Idiots - the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Free speech ends when sedition begins.

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