Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Lebanese Student Speaks Out

**A Pedestrian Infidel exclusive **

As you may or may not know I am a regular chatter in Jewish chat rooms. In there, I am meeting friend and foe. The young man who wrote the article below is a young friend of mine, and someone I met in one of those rooms. I hope you enjoy his interesting ideas as much as I do. The following is a question-and-answer paper written recently in the aftermath of the conflict in south Lebanon. The questions (in italics) have been posed by an American professor of international relations who is working in the US. The interviewee, an anti-Hezbollah Lebanese Druze, is a student at a leading university in Beirut.

American Professor: What is your take on why the Palestinians won't behave? I would think that since Israel gave them Gaza back, they would hope to also get the West Bank. But their elected government, led by Hamas, is still so filled with hatred towards Israel. I'm surprised that they can't look at countries who have made peace with Israel as examples of security and prosperity.

Lebanese Student: Well there are two parties in the Palestinian community as you know...

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