Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hmmm ...

The woman whose water bottles tested positive for explosives, causing the West Virginia Tri-State Airport to be closed down for three hours, only to later be cleared, apparently had a physical skirmish with her husband the night before:

The incident with Qayyum's bag caused one US Airways flight to be cancelled. Her flight was sent on to Charlotte, a noontime flight was redirected to land in Charleston and an evening flight arrived about two hours late, Wunder said.

On Tuesday police responded to a 911 call from Qayyum's apartment after a woman called and was disconnected while crying on the telephone.

Upon police arrival, Qayyum "was observed crying uncontrollably as she sat on the floor," the Barboursville police report said. "She reported that during an argument the accused [her husband] pushed her and smacked her in the face."

Fact: Several female Jihadis were women who had "brought dishonor" upon their families. These women had been presented with a choice; either carry out a suicide bombing, which would, presumably redeem they and their families, or be subject to an "honor killing" by the male members of their family.

What do you think may have been happening here?

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