Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Storm Track Appeasement: A Useful Idiot Speaks

From The Gathering Storm

An article caught my attention today. One that clearly shows that the useful idiots on the Left have no clue on who we are fighting and why.

Charlie Reese over at takes Bush to task on his ignorance on the war and Islam. But instead, he shows the ignorance of the dhimmi Left. He wrote:

“President George Bush's ignorance of the Middle East and its people is well-known. So also is his habit of parroting words and sentences given to him by other people. He hit a new low when he referred to "Islamic fascists." No two more opposite concepts are to be found. Fascism glorifies the nation-state; Islam is transnational. Fascism demands slavish devotion to a national leader; Muslims are far too independent-minded to be slavish followers of anybody. Virtually all the people Saddam Hussein murdered were people trying to overthrow him. Fascism is militaristic. Islam is not.

He wrong on three points and it shows his ignorance of Islam and Islamism. You wonder where this guy has been living the last 6 years – or perhaps his world view and hatred for Bush clouds his perception of reality.

First “Fascism glorifies the nation-state; Islam is transnational.” Oh. And wht do Muslims call the ‘nation-state’ they belong to, Mr. Reese. Does the word ‘ummah’, the Ilsamic nation of Muslims ring a bell?

Second, “Fascism demands slavish devotion to a national leader; Muslims are far too independent-minded to be slavish followers of anybody”. Now don’t spit at your monitor on that one. Mr. Reese is way off the reservation on this one. I assume a slavish devotion to the Koran and the command of Mohammed is independent thinking? Man!

Third, “Fascism is militaristic. Islam is not.” The depth of ignorance in the man is astounding! The religion of Islam is not militant? Open your history books Mr. Reese. Oh, wait a minute. You’re most probably a product of the public school system and the subject of history had to make way for multicultural sensitivity courses.

“Mr. Bush, who has dubbed himself the "war president," has made a pathetic and absurd effort to picture himself as Winston Churchill facing off against evil. He is no Churchill. Most of the enemies he imagines, he has created himself.”

That’s right. Our enemies who have vowed to destroy us ate all imaginary. Tell that to the victims of 9-11. And then of course this piece of leftist apologist and appeasement.

The West faces no threat from Islam. Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, but it really is a religion of peace.”

Oh paleeeze! And the ignorance keeps on coming.

“More importantly, it is a religion that concentrates on individual salvation. There is no Muslim pope, no College of Cardinals, no bishops, no priesthood. Any five Muslims anywhere in the world can start their own mosque. Imams are teachers and, like Protestant preachers or Jewish rabbis, can be fired by their congregation. The Shi'ite version is slightly more organized.”

“Any five Muslims anywhere in the world can start their own mosque.” Huh? That’s an organization? Without a head?

“To dispose of some of the slanderous misstatements being floated about, Islam forbids forced conversions. People would do well to read some history rather than rely on ignorant and malicious radio and TV talk-show hosts.”

You mean like the two Fox reports who said they were converted at gunpoint? I won’t go on. You can read it all for yourself. But there is this one closing thought.

“It's obvious that President Bush will never understand the world into which he was born, but most Americans have more open minds…..”

Mr. Reese. People should have open minds but not so much that their brains fallout like yours. This is going to be a loooong war.


Quetzal said...

Is this guy shaving often? 'Cuz it seems he had a bad day and shaved his brain out.

Even his feet should make a better job at thinking.

Anonymous said...

You correctly excoriate Reese, but he is not a man of the left, rather he is a Buchananite who departed the rest of the right due to his personal anit-semitism. The only thing he has in common with the left is hatred of israel and Jews.

Anonymous said...

Point number two was the most interesting / nausiating:

"Muslims are far too independent-minded to be slavish followers of anybody"

He is aware that the word Islam means "submission", right? I guess the concept of being a "slave of Allah" was not part of his intellectual discourse.

The anti-war crowd really should just be honest with itself and change its name to pro-tyranny. Or at the very least change its URL to ""

Table Mountains said...

bush's description of them is right on the button!!!!!