Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Olmert equals Saddam?

Yes, says Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow at the libertarian Independent Institute. Showing that absurd moral equivalence isn’t a monopoly of the left, Eland says:

But although chemical weapons provide a grisly death, they kill far fewer people than explosive bombs. Because they have been wrongly included in the ominous sounding category of “weapons of mass destruction,” … their use implies a war crime from the get-go. … the Israelis are no less guilty of committing war crimes … In fact, the main difference between Saddam’s war crimes and Israel’s is that while Saddam denies them, Israeli officials indirectly admit them. … [T]he Bush administration regularly gripes about Saddam Hussein’s war crimes, while cheering on Israel as it does the same thing in Lebanon and Gaza

With libertarians like these who needs leftists like Chomsky & Sheehan!

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