Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gaza Is Definitive

The Israeli/Gaza war, in my opinion is the definitive example of the conflict in the middle-east. 

This week’s guest on the nearly famous Gathering Storm Radio Show will be Yoni Tidi. You might have heard of him since he is a regular on some of the conservative radio talk shows. 

Yoni has been involved in the fight and the study of Islamic terrorism for over 20 years.

He has served Israel as a master sniper and a member of one of her anti terrorist units. When he left this unit he was second in command of this all-volunteer, special operations unit. Along the way he was honored with the award being named "Officer of the Year" for his devotion to duty and professionalism. He is the President of a security consultant and Private Military Corporation called Targeted Applications Group with offices in Seattle and Toronto Canada

Always and I will be asking Yoni about the significance of the Israeli/Gaza war and why it is the definitive example of the conflict in the middle-east. 

So why definitive. 

Here’s my opinion and we’ll ask Yoni, based on his extended experience and contacts within Israel, to comment on it. 

When Israel left Gaza, it became an independent ‘State’ with a duly elected – no matter that it was stolen – government supported by the people. How I understand it, Israel no longer had any interaction with Gaza at that time. There was some talk of Israel supplying electricity and water to Gaza from Israel proper, but I need to clarify just how important this was to the ‘survival’ of the Gaza society. There was also talk of a blockade by Israel. We will ask Yoni about the truth in that. 

Now whatever this public works support that Israel was supplying and then allegedly cut off, and the alleged blockade of humanitarian supplies, is the main reason, Hamas claims, for their immediate rocket attacks the day after Israel evacuated Gaza

These two charges, notwithstanding, what we have is a pure example of a Muslim State attacking Israel. Forget about the PLO. Forget the West Bank. Forget the settlements. Focus entirely on this one situation. 

This in not an action of a militant wing of a government, but the government itself. It’s as if the Pentagon, without permission from the US Government, lobbed rockets into Mexico. Do you think the Mexicans would accept the excuse that it’s not the US doing it but a militant wing of our government? 

In your dreams. 

Yet, much of the leadership of the world not only misses this point – or refuse to acknowledge the truth – but takes the side of Hamas – the aggressor. 

The interview with Yoni this week will be very informative. Don’t miss it.

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