Thursday, January 08, 2009

Paying for Time Magazine? What are you learning? IGNORANCE

Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?

huh? What?
With each passing day, Israel's war against Hamas grows riskier and more punishing, with the gains appearing to diminish compared to the spiraling costs -- to Israel's moral stature, to the lives of Palestinian civilians and to the world's hopes that an ancient conflict can ever be resolved. Ideally, in a war shaped by television images, Israelis would like a tableau of surrender: grimy Hamas commanders crawling from underground bunkers with their hands up. Instead, the deaths of at least 40 civilians taking shelter at a United Nations-run school north of Gaza City are more likely to become the dominant image of the war. Israeli politicians and generals know that the total elimination of Hamas' entrenched military command could take weeks; it might be altogether impossible. The more realistic outcome is an unsatisfactory, brokered truce that leaves Hamas wounded but alive and able to regenerate -- and Israel only temporarily safe from attack.Israel's Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, has promised a "war to the bitter end." But after 60 years of struggle to defend their existence against foreign threats and enemies within, many Israelis may be wondering, Where does that end lie?

Oh, okay this is Tony Judt. Israel is a failed experiment that should never have been created and a bad idea, not worth the trouble.

The need lies with the realization by free peoples that AT THE LEAST, hundreds of millions of those who call themselves muslims need kufrs dhimmified, dead or converted

And then DELUSION...
as with Israel's 2006 war against Hizballah, the application of force won't extinguish the militants' ideological fervor. The anti-Israeli anger swelling in the region has made it more difficult for Arab governments to join Israel in its efforts to deal with Iran
Do they think arab govts will JOIN Israel in ANYTHING but evacuation of jews?
A strong, confident Israel is in America's interest, but so is one that can find peace with its neighbors, cooperate with the Arabs to contain common threats and, most important, reach a just and lasting solution with the Palestinians. But accomplishing all that will require Israel and its defenders to confront excruciating dilemmas: How do you make peace with those who don't seem to want it? How do you win a war when the other side believes time is on its side? And what would true security, in a hostile neighborhood populated with enemies, actually look like? As is always true in the Middle East, there are no easy answers. But it's never been more vital that Israel start looking for them.
No, it's never been more vital for the arabs to realize that Israel is THERE for keeps, and that it is compulsory for them to abandon the RELIGIOUS, AND THE IDEOLOGICAL basis of rejection.

The fantasies that the control over peace lies with the west and free men is a suicidal arrogance.


Anonymous said...

Destruction of Hamas would serve no long-term purpose. Hamas is but one head of the global hydra of jihad - chop it off and others will grow. There is ultimately only one solution to the Islamic problem, and deep down we all know what it is.

The world isn't big enough to contain both Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, thank you for sharing this

WC said...

Canceled my long time sub to Time a year ago. Couldn't stomach the hypocrisy any more.

Anonymous said...

"Can Israel survive its assault on Gaza"

Fuck you Time Magazine. Not another penny from me. EVER.

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