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"Twin Towers Transportation Corporation": "Clock" Boy's Dad Appears To Be Involved In Some Interesting Business Arrangements Involving Multiple Apparent Aliases

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Do Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed 
and His Partners 
Own These Buildings?

"Clock" Boy, Ahmed Mohammed's father is

Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed.

His Uncle is Aldean Mohammed.

Look at this list of names which appear to be permutations of those two names:

Aldean Mohamed
Eaz Aldean Mohemd
Izz Hassan
E. Mohamed
Ali Mohamed
Aldean Mohamad
Ali Mohammed
Aldean Mohamead
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohammed Elhassan


Now, read on so you can begin to understand.

First, this:

"Clock" Boy's Uncle Runs a Trucking Company Called "Twin Towers Transportation"

8585 N Stemmons Fwy
Dallas, Texas

Ahmed Mohammed's Uncle runs a Trucking Company called Twin Towers Transportation:
14-year old all-American schoolboy clockmaker who didn't make a clock at all and is the son of a belligerent Muslim activist and perennial Sudanese presidential candidate whose brother runs a trucking company amusingly called Twin Towers Transportation
Here's more:
Unfortunately our interview with Ahmed was cut short. But, we were able to reach his uncle. Aldean Mohamed is also overwhelmed by the support but he is still searching for answers. 
"Very, very sad, the kid, he just tried to impress his teacher," Aldean tells Off. Aldean says that the mistreatment his nephew received extends beyond the school. 
"The police they came in, they're supposed to talk to the principal, to call his parents to come." 
Aldean explains that Ahmed was interrogated without his parents or a lawyer present. 
"Nobody, nobody, they just took him to the juvenile centre and fingerprinted him and he asked where he can call his father, they told him 'No!'" 
When asked about one officer who reportedly remarked 'Yup, that's who I thought it was," when he first saw Ahmed, Aldean explains, "it's kind of discrimination you know, when you say my name is Ahmed." 
He adds, "we really need to fix this kind of mentality." But, he feels the real failure is that no one intervened and checked the clock, especially the police. 
"Look at it and check it out, you are police, anyone, even a teenager will know, or even a four or five-year-old knows the difference between a clock and a bomb." 
Aldean admits that the family is still processing all the attention and that the events will be a big change for Ahmed. 
"This has touched my heart...Yes, we are Muslim but we live in America for many years...What can we say? Really, we love America."
From Steve Sailer:

A commenter did a little detective work online and found at Corporation Wiki this firm recently registered with the name of Aldean Mohamed as a director.“Twin Towers Transportation Corporation” … 
Now it could be that this is a different Aldean Mohamed.But it refers to North Texas and to Sudanese, both of which check out. 
And “Twin Towers” just sounds like this extended family’s wacky, edgy, publicity-seeking sense of humor, like participating as the defense in Rev. Terry Jones’ trial of whether the Koran should be burned, running for president of Sudan while living in Texas, or constructing a shoddy mock-up of a briefcase bomb not yet loaded with explosives. 

QUALIFICATION: If you enter the address of the Twin Towers Transportation Corporation into Google Maps, you will get a photograph from street level of the location.

It appears the "Transportation Corporation" is in one of two buildings of Executive Suites called "Twin Towers".

So they named their company, at least in part, for the buildings in which they are located.




Bizapedia states 
"There are 7 companies that have an address matching 2625 Castle St Irving, TX 75038.

The companies are Afwajj LLC, Alsufi Center Inc, Jettaxi Inc, 3g Wireless LLC, Nova Group International Inc, Addtopupcom Inc, and Twin Towers Transportation Corporation."

Al Sufi Center Inc.
3G Wireless LLC

all registered to agent: Ali A. Mohamed w/registered agent: Elhassan Mohamed

Two businesses not run by a Mohammed...
JETTAXI w/registered agent: Jack Bewley
NovaGroup Intl w/registered agent "Business Filings Incorporated"

PASTORIUS NOTES - Ahmed Mohammed's father Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed started the company and then sold it to Jack Bewley who owns Yellow Taxi in Irving, Texas.

Take another look at the first sentence at that link:

"Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, born in Sudan in 1961 but long time resident of Irving..."

Then glance up at the list of businesses and their agent's identities: w/registered agent: Elhassan Mohamed

Coincidence? It all seems a bit fishy with the identities - don't you think?


Also, is Aldean Mohamed, the uncle, aka the same as the other listed agent of record: Ali A. Mohamed?

In the not so recent past, the IRS would have a field day with this lot.

Nova Group International Inc is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on January 22, 2004. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is P04000016428. 

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Business Filings Incorporated and is located at 515 E. Park Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

The company's principal address is 1418 N. Story Rd, Irving, TX 75061 and its mailing address is 1418 N. Story Rd, Irving, TX 75061.

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Mohamed E from Irving TX.
pastorius comment:
These guys might end up regretting they stuck their heads out from the dank hole they live in.
I can't locate a single report on what the NovaGroup International does. No website under that identity for Florida or Texas. Sounds shady from every angle I approach it from.
Perhaps someone with better skills in identifying nature of businesses will update. 


Why Mohamed Elhassan, the Dallas Imam Who Played Defense Attorney in Quran-Torching Church, Says He "Admires" Terry Jones 

Last paragraph from the above link:
Elhassan, who was born in Sudan, is no stranger to debate -- he ran against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir last year, and says he faced the same backlash he's hearing now from traditional Muslims who disagree with his "New Testament" view of the Quran. He says he has serious issues with the hardline, traditional readings of the text, and he's writing a book about his reading of the Koran -- with working titles like Jesus Among Us With the Quran, or The New Understanding of the Quran.
"Now Terry Jones has made a path," he says. "People need to understand the meaning of the Holy Quran. Whoever follows the Old Testament needs to ask himself why he does not go to the market and kill everybody, any nonbeliever wherever he finds them."

Is this a case of radicalized kids, the kids of a Muslim who is not a hardliner?

Those kids have lived here a long time, haven't they?

re: "People need to understand the meaning of the Holy Quran. Whoever follows the Old Testament needs to ask himself why he does not go to the market and kill everybody, any nonbeliever wherever he finds them."

As Robert Spencer has said on many occasions, the OT/bible is descriptive while the Qur'an is prescriptive....The qur'an contains open-ended commands to all believers to wage war against and subjugate all non-believers. The Jewish and Christian Scriptures do not. Both Judaism and Christianity have mainstream interpretative traditions that direct believers to draw only spiritual lessons from these passages. The mainstream understanding of the qur'an's violent passages with Islamic tradition, however, is literal.

See Spencer's book "Religion of Peace" goes a long way to explaining why there are no armed Jewish and Christian terrorists quoting scripture to justify violence, while there are so many Muslims quoting the Qur’an to incite and justify violence.


1418 N Story Rd Irving, TX 75061
10 Companies Found at this Address

Nova Group International Inc
Alsufi, Inc.
Alsufi Center Inc.
Dfw Wireless Inc.
Paradise Prime Investments, Inc. via bizpedia or
3G Wireless LLC
T Wireless LLC
Taxi Tranportation Co
Afwajj LLC

10 Officers Found at this Address

Aldean Mohamed
Eaz Aldean Mohemd
Izz Hassan
E. Mohamed
Ali Mohamed
Aldean Mohamad
Ali Mohammed
Aldean Mohamead
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohammed Elhassan

PASTORIUS NOTE - Regarding the Above list of names, "Clock" boy's father is named Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed. His Uncle's name is Aldean Mohammed.
If that's what they're doing?
We don't know, do we?
But it sure seems like they are.

**********Bonus #1
Ahmed Mohammad should only be eligible for the MIT's Star A. Simpson scholarship of "hoax" engineering
**********Bonus #2
The American Muslim Communities’ “Useful Idiots”
 - updated 8/13/13
Sheila Musaji
Quote: "An individual named Mohamed El-Hassan or Elhassan is an informative case in point."
Quite a list of officers there! Thank you.

About that link you left with AmericanMuslim:
The American Muslim Communities’ “Useful Idiots” - updated 8/13/13

I wonder if the family might have been being shunned for Ahmed's father's position regarding the burning of the Quran because the link shows the following:

Rebuked — Mohamed Elhassan said that since the burning of the Holy Quran, people have questioned him about his participation at the mock trial. Mohamed Elhassan said: “There are some people who blame me, who say you don’t need to go there. You were in the place of the devil.” There are also other consequenes arising from his participation at the kangaroo court. On the religious front, some of his small group of followers have demanded that he cease to lead in prayer. And on the business front, many drivers have refused to drive taxis owned by his family. 

Was Ahmed picked on my other Muslims?

Was Ahmed picked on by other Muslims?

Good question. Perhaps that is just another reason why he is anxious to leave his school.

Also of note: "Many drivers have refused to drive taxis owned by his family".


Always On Watch said...

I repeat....

If we bloggers can find this information, so can the mainstream media.

Have the mainstream media also found this information and not published it?

Always On Watch said...

PASTORIUS NOTE - Regarding the Above list of names, "Clock" boy's father is named Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed. His Uncle's name is Aldean Mohammed.

Gad! Surely does look that way!

Always On Watch said...

Hey! Should the IRS get a tip or two?

Pete Rowe said...
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Always On Watch said...

I don't know.

But back when my mother worked for the IRS, the IRS got anonymous tips phoned in with some frequency.

Always On Watch said...

But the thing is that Ahmed is now untouchable. He's a celeb endorsed by Obama, Hillary, et al.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. It's j from justify this. I saw someone some guys discussing this topic and the IBA on GLP so thought I'd drop the link. Hope you're well guys and Pastorious ;)

Pastorius said...


Hope you're doing well too.

Anonymous said...

Clock boy's father is by every account a good man. He is not only on the peaceful, liberal end of the Islam spectrum, but he is one of the very few that has the guts to publically condemn the hate filled whacko violent muslims and point out their hypocrisy. That is why he has symbolically run for president of Sudan... as a "reform" candidate it was a way of getting a moderate, peacefull voice out there.
His son, however, is a dishonest little turd. The larger problem is his older sister. She was previously suspended from the same school for a bomb threat about 3 years ago. She is a hateful little b#!ch that is still holding a grudge, and is behind this whole thing. As Mark Cuban said, when he talked to clock boy on the phone, it was like a ventriloquist act with the older sister standing over clock boy telling him what to say. So, the children are little punks that are doing their father a major disservice.

Pastorius said...

Friends of ours tell me Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed is a good man.

My question is, if he is a good man, why do he and his brother have so many aliases?

It is possible that they do business in a corrupt third world way, while being generally good people in every other way.